Quality Engineer for Distributed Systems

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Working on open-source software at your day job

  • Testing distributed systems on a big scale (hundreds of nodes, TBs of memory)

  • Automated testing using scripting languages, GH Actions, Travis, and Jenkins

  • Learning the latest technologies and popular frameworks

If this is you - we are looking for a Quality Engineer to join the SQL team at Hazelcast. Hazelcast is an open-source application platform for stateful, data-intensive workloads at scale.

The team develops the core SQL engine of Hazelcast which unifies batch and streaming queries.

What we look for

  • Experience with testing software, and breaking them

  • Passion for both manual and automated testing, and understanding the importance of both

  • Being able to dig deep and get to the root cause of issues

  • Strong Focus on quality

  • Experience with SQL 

  • Interest in testing distributed systems

  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English


  • Competitive Salary

  • Equity options

  • Yearly training budget

  • Flexible working hours and location (this is a remote position)

  • Workplace cost reimbursement (coworking space, laptop)

  • Conference speaking opportunities


We accept candidates working remotely from Ukraine and Turkey only. Additionally, in Istanbul, it's possible to work from Hazelcast's office. 

Posted about 1 month ago