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Headquarters: Austin, TX

 Tired of getting burnt out browsing through all these marketing positions that promote outdated strategies, a lack of training and resources for their team? They promise everything but then once you get inside, they deliver nothing to support your impact and overall growth in your career? 
Let’s be honest . . . how many times have you taken a job opportunity with a company only to start and realize you’re being thrown into the fire with no training, no support and the expectation to figure it all out on your own. 
When you accept a job, it’s because you want to be challenged. You don’t want to be bored and you want to grow your expertise tremendously and have freedom all at the same time. You’re expecting to be supported with all of those things but 95% of companies out there promise this on the outside and don’t deliver close to this experience on the inside.

Right now you’re looking for a job that is going to help you grow as a person. One that’s going to get you excited to wake up in the morning and that’s going to give you freedom in your life . . . because otherwise, what’s the point?

You have the expertise and experience to contribute to this world, but it’s all getting wasted in jobs where you aren’t given the freedom to try new strategies. You’re not getting the support to expand your knowledge in an industry that’s changing by the minute and you’re being forced to implement techniques that are so 2012! 😒

We see you and your youthful, hard-working, driven ambition to grow and learn in an industry that is exploding with potential as we speak. Your hard-earned expertise is worth so much more than what a lot of companies are willing to acknowledge -- and your potential is so much greater than what they can nurture. The fact is that the digital marketing world is woefully misunderstood and so are the professionals who know the true power of a well-executed ads campaign. 
From bosses that can’t be bothered with best practices or aren’t willing to hear your ideas and strategies, to a wide-spread outdated approach that means everyone needs to come into the office (ugh!) -- our industry is full of landmines.
We believe in giving our team members ownership of their accounts, the opportunity to make strategy suggestions, and the ability to take charge of the results and impact that they’re making for our clients. We are obsessed with growth and doing the unheard of and our promise to every employee is that no matter what, they will leave our company a stronger and better person than when they started. 

With incredible process, out of this world trainings and a constant dedication to improving ourselves individually and as an entire company, we will continue to remain the category king of digital marketing in everything we do. 

Hirsh Marketing is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies in North America managing over $1M each month in revenue for our client base of thought leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs rocking their respective niches from every corner of the globe.

And right now, we’re looking for a brand-new Paid Facebook Ads Manager Specialist to join our team of digital experts!

Our Ads Managers are routinely responsible for:
- Understanding and developing the strategy of a specific campaign and intricate client funnel.

- Tasking out different components of a campaign like images and copy to the creative team.

- Placing and verifying pixel to ensure proper campaign tracking and accurate reporting. 
- Optimizing campaigns for the lowest possible cost per result and overall positive ROI daily.
- Producing weekly reports for our client account updates, recommendations and results.
- Following-up with all client communication, questions, and concerns in a timely manner.
- Staying on top of new techniques, strategies, and changes to test for better client results & campaign successes.
- Proactively developing and optimizing creative strategies to consistently drive high-quality leads, traffic & visibility.
- Scheduling & performing monthly client meetings & consultations for the account goals and strategic success of each client account.
- Participating in daily, monthly, and quarterly team huddles to ensure agency team members are all meeting company goals & responsibilities.
Our ideal candidate must-haves are:
- 2+ years of paid FB Ads Management experience.

- Deep understanding of webinar & opt-in funnels.

- Advanced awareness of the psychology of advertising and the customer journey.

- Mid to Expert level knowledge of running funnels to sell products, courses, and programs.       
- Knowledge of various 3rd party platforms such as ClickFunnels, MailChimp, etc.
- Commitment to ongoing education and digital marketing training to stay on top of changes to Facebook regulations, strategies, and updates.
- Ability to problem-solve, analyze data / metrics and make suggestions to the client based on their individual results.
- High attention to detail, and excellent proofreading, writing, and editing skills. 
- Show us your attention to detail by including the phrase "marketing maven" when describing yourself in the question below
- Self-starting attitude with the experience and excitement to dive in with the self-awareness to ask for help and guidance when necessary. 
- Advanced written, verbal, virtual, and visual communication skills. 
- 9am to 5pm availability (within North American time zones).
- CBO and chatbot knowledge and/or experience is a huge plus!

To apply:

Posted almost 3 years ago