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Hit Subscribe

Hit Subscribe is a company that hires engineers to write content for technical blogs.  So what we're looking for is quite straightforward: engineers interested in a side hustle writing technical content for companies that sell to engineers.  Or, put more simply, we want you to write content (mostly blog posts) about technical topics.

If you like writing blog posts (or think you might, and have been meaning to start your own technical blog) let's talk.

This opportunity is:

  1. 100% remote.

  2. An extremely flexible side hustle.

  3. A chance to get immediately in front of a large audience.

  4. A chance to cross-post content to your own blog (while getting paid for that content).

  5. A chance to work on your writing with our staff of professional editors/writing coaches.

  6. Great for building relationships in the industry, with our clients and other authors.

  7. Excellent for helping with your brand and positioning, whether an employee or a freelancer/contractor.

If you're not sure whether this is for you and want a no-commitment, low-friction way to learn more, you can sign up for our weekly side hustlers' email.  It goes out every Thursday and lists what opportunities we have that week, including details about pay and due date.

Posted over 1 year ago