Full-Stack Engineer / CTO (Co-founder)
Homepass Partners

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Headquarters: San Francisco
URL: http://www.stealthmode.com

 Have you been looking for the opportunity to plant the foundations of core technology, people, and processes for an impactful startup?  Would you be interested to take on a senior leadership position at a company looking to make a real difference in people’s ability to achieve financial security through homeownership? 
We are replacing the outdated, mortgage-driven home finance models that are unattractive or unattainable to modern first-time homebuyers looking to get on the property ladder. 
This is a fully remote position. 

We're looking for a driven Full-Stack engineer/CTO-type with significant frontend skills and senior management or founder experience to join our launch team in our effort to bring homeownership to a new generation.  
The ideal partner will be an architect, a thinker, a researcher, a tester, and a tinkerer.  NOTE: we are also interested in front end engineers with extensive experience implementing SEO tools and technologies.  Feel free to reach out if this is a match for you as well. 

Led by a multi-exit CEO, we spent the last half-year composing a technology-driven home finance alternative to mortgages to solve the housing crisis facing millions of people who cannot afford to purchase their own home, and we’ve just raised the first tranche of our seed funding to launch that effort. 
Our product allows buyers to purchase a home with a zero-to-low down payment driving an average 70% less out of pocket expense in the first year than traditional mortgages, 20% lower fixed monthly payments over time, and the flexibility to move out anytime. 
Our consortium group now involves investors and cooperating partners from Berkadia here in the U.S. as well as other tech and residential investment/development experts. WHO IS THIS FOR?We are seeking a talented, experienced developer looking to make their mark on the world, ready to commit their years of experience to a role with much responsibility and freedom to build the world they want to see, leading the tech side of the founding team in an early-stage startup that is closing seed financing. This role is for someone who wants control over the work they're doing and the direction the company is going in, and ultimately, the future they're building.Although you're a talented engineer with the ability to create architecture, build specifications, and deliver your own code, you're also here to think, problem-solve, and steer as a stakeholder. You’re able to be a hands-on developer, and equally to shine as a leader of others.  You are able to analyze and cooperate with external service providers, and implement devops, qa, and security procedures. You’re personable and ideally, you have worked with folks in other roles who would be interested to join you as we grow and fill out our team. This is an opportunity for extreme growth in terms of skills, responsibility, seniority, and shaping both the future of a complex venture and the home finance industry as a whole. Developers with experience in real estate, proptech, fintech, or e-commerce across mobile and browser, who understand and are able to contribute to front and backend development are warmly welcomed. You'll be working side-by-side with the founding team to design and build high-converting interfaces and backend workflows that provide significant value to home buyers, working to iterate as fast as possible so we can learn quickly to churn the best solution to the top of the pile. Interested?  Send us a mail using the 'Apply for this position' button.  We look forward to hearing from you.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/homepass-partners-full-stack-engineer-cto-co-founder

Posted almost 3 years ago