Senior Front-end Ruby on Rails Engineer

Hubstaff is a fast-growing startup in the time tracking and project management space that fully embraces remote work. You work when and where you want. We care a lot about our culture, having fun while working hard, and our annual retreats.

Here's a video from our last retreat that shows what it's like to work for Hubstaff.

We are looking for a talented senior front-end engineer to join our passionate development team.

The correct person will take pride in their work, have extreme attention to detail, and be able to get their hands dirty implementing HTML/CSS/JS frontends. You will be expected to implement views using the Slim templating engine within Ruby on Rails. Implementing the designs from our marketing team will be the majority of the job role.

Familiarity working with Sass/Scss as well as JavaScript is preferable.

We are looking for a well-rounded front-end developer who also has the backend chops to make modifications to our custom Wordpress theme and implement server-side aspects of their projects using Ruby on Rails.

This position will report to our one of the Hubstaff server team leads and work closely with our other engineers. You’ll be able to work 100% remotely. We are looking for someone that can grow with our team for years to come.

This is a long-term (years, our hope is forever) full-time (40 hrs/wk) 1099 (hourly) contract role. Some of the benefits of working for us is our company-hosted annual retreat, work where you want (cafe, co-working location, your home, anywhere), don't have to ask for permission when you want to take time off, get to dedicate yourself to one project at a time, and have job security and a career path for years to come (we've run the company using positive cash flow from day one and are carefully growing the team and business).

You’ll be a good fit if you:

Front-end Development Requirements:

Backend Development Requirements:


Posted about 3 years ago