Technical Marketer
Input Logic

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Headquarters: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

We're on the hunt for a Technical Marketer as our first marketing hire (we were going to say growth hacker, but that seemed too buzzwordy). As the right candidate, you have equal parts technical and marketing chops, and can execute content and campaigns for multiple brands at a time.
Your bread and butter is content marketing, but you've gone down the rabbit hole and know how to build funnels, interpret analytics, and run ad campaigns to achieve measurably better results. You're basically an acronym machine, dropping CAC, LTV, ROI, CPM, CTR, CPC, and PPC like it's freestyle. You're curious, like to try new tools, are intrinsically motivated, and have an eye for great design.
Day to day tasks

  • Build and maintain content marketing calendars for various brands

  • Write and edit blog posts

  • Write and edit case studies

  • Improve SEO for our site and our clients sites

  • Plan and implement analytics/metrics tools

  • Interpret metrics into product roadmap ideas and suggestions

  • Run ad campaigns and calculate ROI for ad spends

About InputAs a digital product studio, we revel in the joy of the craft, and take pride in making apps people love to use. Our clients are mostly startups across industries like healthcare, well-being, insurance, hardware, finance, and productivity. We're into work/life balance, side projects, flexible hours, and avoiding unnecessary meetings. We're based in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, but have teammates across Canada. We welcome remote and diverse candidates.
To apply, please email us your resume, and we'll consider it lovingly.

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Posted 9 months ago