Technical Business Analyst

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Headquarters: Bath

Jetti is looking for a Technical Business Analyst to help manage our clients.You’ll be responsible for Product Implementations with key clients, support our customer base from a technical standpoint through our Support System and Client Meetings and implementing Quality Assurance strategies and executing them.You are expected to support client product implementations understanding and analysing the requirements, documenting them and making the requirements as easy as possible so that the tech team can understand and can work on it. You are expected to reply to technical client queries in our support system, identifying the underlying issue and fixing it to the best of your abilities, or conveying the message to the development team.You will also be responsible for writing technical documentation on Jetti’s technical features (API and webhooks) so that clients know how to use them without the need to rely on support.


  • Reply to technical customer inquiries through Support System / Email

  • Support key client’s onboarding from a technical standpoint

  • Create support documents on Jetti’s technical capabilities


  • Experience as Business Analyst / Quality Assurance 

  • Experience in a client facing role 

  • Familiarity with SQL tools, command lines 

  • Familiar with e-commerce / dropshipping / inventory management

To apply:

Posted 10 months ago