.NET/C# Software Developer

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL
URL: https://kinhr.com

Kin is looking for a full-time .NET/C# software developer with at least two years of professional experience.We are a 100% remote team working throughout the United States. Our new developer must be based in the United States as well, be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the U.S., and be willing to work the same structured daily schedule with our team (regular business hours of 9AM - 5PM Central time).As a developer, you should have at least two years of experience writing clean, well tested, server side code as part of a full web application. You should also have a basic proficiency and be comfortable working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will work under the leadership of a senior back-end developer.While we're looking for a developer, you need to be a senior-level team player, communicator, and problem solver. Since we are all remote, we communicate through Slack, Basecamp, and video chats throughout the day. You must be able to express your ideas and needs clearly. Everyone on our team also speaks directly with our clients on a daily basis, mostly in writing. You must be able to explain technical concepts to non-technical people thoughtfully, and you must be able to work and communicate with a diverse range of people.As a back-end developer, here are some things you might do in a typical week:

  • Be responsible for 2-3 projects at a time, all at varying degrees of completion.

  • Be comfortable learning and maintaining legacy code bases.

  • Investigate and resolve 15-20 reported bugs.

  • Make updates to a SQL server database schema using our in-house data modeling tool, X2O.

  • Provide well-written messages to a client in Basecamp about the current status and upcoming roadmap for a particular site implementation.

  • Routinely provide detailed insight to a client explaining how you've implemented a piece of logic that they've specified to resolve a bug.

  • Work with a project manager to estimate project completion

  • Gain more business domain knowledge of how benefits and retirement plans work, as you continue to implement more code for a client. You'll use this knowledge to become even more productive and valuable for future projects.

  • Perform scheduled code, database schema, and data migrations to various environments.

  • Respond to issues discovered in a dynamic and static scan of existing code bases.

RequirementsAll of our developers here have experience in the following, in order of how often you’ll be using these languages/patterns:

  • .NET / C# using the MVC framework

  • SQL

  • Relational DB development

  • Service-repository pattern and dependency injection

  • SSIS

  • Unit and regression testing

  • jQuery/Javascript


  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server and related tools

  • Experience with database structures, stored procedures, functions, triggers, data migration and transformation

  • Experience with .NET C#, dependency injection, Web API and other .NET related development

  • Experience with SSIS and data transformation

  • Experience with Redgate Data Tools

  • Experience with Windows Tasks, Powershell and automation tools

  • Willingness to work 9-5 pm CT, Monday-Friday

Kin is a close-knit, hard working team of software developers, designers, technical project managers, and support staff working to build better workplaces and employee experiences.Kin promotes a workplace that actively seeks to include, welcome, and value unique contributions of all people. We encourage all qualified U.S. Citizens / U.S. Permanent Residents to apply for this job.
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To apply: https://apply.workable.com/kin/j/84DD356B62/

Posted 10 months ago