Junior .NET Developer
Ledgerscope Services Ltd

We're looking for developers with anything up to 5 years experience, not afraid of working for a small business that's experienced in its niche. Previous experience in C# is essential, and skills in any of the following would be a bonus but are not required. If you don't know them already, you'll learn all of the below on the job.

You'll get the opportunity to interview members of our team to find out whether you'd enjoy working with us. As a member of our team you'll be equipped with a high spec laptop or desktop (your choice) and training materials to help keep you up to date.

We've got a combination of new and existing projects that you'll be working on, and welcome the opportunity for candidates to bring in fresh thinking to benefit the whole team.

We don't have any offices - we're all remote, all we ask is that you have a fast and reliable (preferably fibre) internet connection and somewhere comfortable and free from distractions that suits your working style.

This is a full time position though we are flexible on what time of day the work gets done provided there is sufficient core-hours working so that communication with others isn't impaired.

Posted about 1 year ago