Craftsmanship Focused / Test Loving Full Stack Web Dev - Python, React, SQL
Level 12

We are looking for a full stack (Python) web application developers to join the team at Level 12:

TL;DR: Why Consider This Position?

Daily Responsibilities

Daily responsibilities primarily consist of coding database-driven web applications and other web-related development work. In a typical day, you will likely work mostly with Python based web applications using frameworks like Django or Flask that interact heavily with a database (PostgreSQL or MSSQL).  In the course of that work, you will have to interact with related technologies like JavaScript, React, HTML, and CSS/SASS.

This is not a design job. It will require a lot of in-depth programming and database work including the ability to architect maintainable code that gets the job done.

While we do prefer to do most of our back-end work in Python, we will occasionally take projects in other languages if they seem to be a good fit for us and the customer.

Some days you will jump from project to project as issues come up. At other times you may work primarily on one project for weeks or months.

The ability to take ownership for a project, engineer a sound technical solution, and “drive” a project to completion is essential.

Our customers have varied needs and so we tend to have varied responsibilities and projects. We have a focus on serving the customer and making software conform to their company rather than making the company conform to software.

We run our teams (two currently) in two week sprints.

What We Offer

Full Job Description & Application Instructions

Above are just highlights. The full job description for both positions are on our website and includes salary information, videos, and instructions on applying:

Senior Developer

The candidate for the Senior Developer position will usually have 6-10 years relevant experience and meet the following requirements:

  1. Technical Skills

    • Are able to write modular, well-tested, and maintainable code

    • Know a software development domain really well and radiate that knowledge to our team and beyond

    • Are able to work on multiple projects as needed

  2. Leadership

    • Leads the design for customer projects with feedback from other engineers

    • Proposes new ideas for improving the development team, customer projects, and/or our tech stack

    • Adheres to and promotes our development culture and mission

    • For Team Leads (see below): invests in other team members to see that they are growing as individuals and to facilitate productivity within our team.

  3. Code quality

    • Leaves code in substantially better shape than before

    • Fixes bugs/regressions quickly

    • Monitors overall code quality/build failures

    • Creates tests religiously and makes sure the rest of the team is doing the same

    • Proactively identifies and reduces technical debt

    • Proactively defines and solves important architectural issues

  4. Communication

    • Provides thorough and timely code feedback for peers

    • Able to communicate clearly on technical topics

    • Keeps issues up-to-date with progress

    • Helps guide other merge requests to completion

    • Helps with recruiting

    • Is able to manage conversations directly with customer contacts when needed.

  5. Performance & Scalability

    • Excellent at writing production-ready code with little assistance

    • Able to write complex code that can scale with a significant number of users

    • Avoids premature optimization

Mid-Level Developers

The candidate for the Mid-Level Developer position will usually have 3-6 years relevant experience and meet some but not all of the requirements listed above for senior developers.


In addition to the leadership expectations noted above, some of our senior developers will also be involved in leading other developers and interacting with customers. We realize not every senior developer is as good with people as they are with code and that’s ok. We need and value individual contributors. But if you like and are good at interacting with people, we will have opportunities for you to lead teams and/or projects.

Candidate Feedback

GB, 8/2018

Well the work looks really interesting and appealing but more than that the job posting is like nothing else I've seen so far. It appears to be more thorough, personal, caring, and honest by far than any other I've seen. In my experience there are qualities present in a company's management that tend to permeate through all levels and find expression in many subtle ways. If I am reading into what I am seeing correctly then this would be an exceptional place to work. I'm not sure how to say it other than that. It was just kind of a feeling after looking over the page, that this is where I want to be.

JF, 10/2018

I'm extremely impressed with how much effort your organization puts into describing work opportunities! By far, this is the most helpful job posting I have ever seen. I intend to respond in a point-by-point fashion, as that seems to be the most efficient way to proceed. I hope to repay honesty with honesty.

JH 8/2018:

Like I mentioned before, I really like the whole interview process that you guys have.  That in combination with how you guys responded to emails, etc. gave me a very positive impression of your company and I am still interested in working with you guys someday.

LB, 8/2018

The feedback I received from [your first skills assessment] was amazing!  That was fantastic! I was really impressed with it.

KM, 9/2018

I just wanted to reach out and give you some really positive feedback. If I could go back in time and finish up those final interviews with you, I would do it in a heartbeat. I can already see a huge difference in personality between you and those who lead the company I joined -- and I think it speaks volumes. Keep being a great person!

I hope you found a great candidate in the end!

Full Job Description & Application Instructions

Above are just highlights. The full job description for both positions are on our website and includes salary information, videos, and instructions on applying:

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