Vice President, Operations
Loka, Inc.

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Headquarters: Los Altos, CA

 Loka seeks to add a Vice President of Operations to its global team of professionals. The VP of Operations becomes the trusted “No. 2” for Loka’s CEO, Bobby Mukherjee. This position is primarily responsible for maintaining successful relationships with Loka’s list of high-tech consulting & technology clients. Further responsibilities include client onboarding, management of project teams, billing, back office maintenance, and, ultimately, the successful delivery of client solutions.This is a client-facing and project-team-facing role. The VP, Operations is the liaison between client stakeholders, Loka project teams, and Loka’s CEO. A successful VP, Operations will be service oriented, outgoing, comfortable building business relationships, and willing to drop anything to exceed the expectations of Loka clients. The VP, Operations ensures a positive experience for all of the stakeholders in Loka engagements. The VP, Operations ensures that the “trains run on time” so that Loka’s CEO is free to pursue new clients, opportunities, and partnerships.Loka is a high-technology B2B company that offers advanced computing consulting services to global businesses. Loka solutions often revolve around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning involving large or difficult data sets and specialty software. For this reason, the perfect VP, Operations will be interested in the future of computing and software, and will be comfortable working in a high-tech B2B environment. Previous experience with software development and strategic business or technology consulting will prove helpful. Experience in mid-market and enterprise services business such as Ad Agencies, Software Development, Consulting, or other Professional Services is a plus. This position is remote and involves virtual collaboration with Loka’s global team headquartered in Silicon Valley. Responsibilities include:

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