Senior Backend Software Engineer (Typescript)

Headquarters: UK

Location: Remote-friendly in the UK and Europe.About MetomicOver the last ten years, SaaS has changed the way we work — for the better. Slack instead of email. Miro instead of sticky notes. Airtable instead of Excel. SaaS is helping tech companies move so much faster, but it’s also introducing a new surface area of risk they’ve never seen before. The risk of leaking sensitive data. As a result, companies are faced with answering the difficult question of how to manage compounding security risks as they grow without introducing more red tape that slows their team members down.
At Metomic, we help tech companies save time & reduce costs by minimising their sensitive data footprint in cloud applications like Slack, Google Drive and Zendesk.
Our technology includes native integrations with dozens of cloud apps, AI to detect thousands of sensitive data types, and advanced functionality to manipulate data at scale (redaction, retention, access controls, etc). All from one place. This liberates tech companies to make full use of their favourite SaaS apps as they grow, whilst Metomic takes care of all the security risks behind the scenes.
After launching our product in April 2021, we now count some of the world’s most innovative companies as customers, such as Zego, Clearcover, Omnipresent, Travelperk and Jumio. Our revenue is growing quickly and we’re backed by some great investors like Connect (investors in CityMapper, Typeform, Marvel), LocalGlobe (Improbable, Figma, Zego) and RFC (Hopin, Clubhouse, On Deck, etc).

Engineering Team
As we continue to change the way companies deal with their sensitive data, our Engineering Team (currently 6 strong) is growing and we’re looking to welcome Software Engineers, either back-end or full-stack, to our team to be part of this journey.
Some of the areas you may be working on: Our sensitive data and classification engine, building systems to allow us to process billions of messages a day, data ingest pipelines, sensitive data remediation system, risk identification and ranking engines and alerting systems.
Our backend services are in Typescript (with GraphQL + Postgres) and front-end in React/TypeScript. Our house style is grounded in functional programming principles. We use AWS ECS Fargate via github actions and Terraform to deploy to production multiple times a day.
Who we're looking for

Our recruitment process
We know your time is important and want to make sure our recruitment process provides both of us a really authentic and meaningful insight into what it would be like working together, so we’re planning on the following stages:

  1. Intro Call (30 mins) - This will focus on your motivations and interests, your journey to date and some of the experiences you’ve had, along with a chance to share more about Metomic and the Engineering Team.

  2. Technical Test (max 2 hours) - Instructions will be provided and this should not take any longer than 2 hours.

  3. Technical Interview (1.5 hours) - Part 1 will involve a technical activity and discussion and Part 2 a whiteboard systems design activity.

  4. Meet the team (30 mins - 1 hour) - Optional depending on how many of your future colleagues you'll have met during the recruitment steps so far. We think it’s important you have the chance to meet as many of your potential future colleagues as possible and hear directly from them what it’s like in the Engineering team at Metomic.

Given we are remote-friendly with a ‘base’ in Shoreditch, we generally run our recruitment virtually and aim to get through this process within 2-3 weeks depending on your availability.
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