Design Lead
Modern Tribe

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Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Opportunity

Modern Tribe is looking for a talented, detail oriented design lead to join our team. Our projects involve crafting new and bold aesthetics for high-profile clients across multiple industries – including higher education, sports, food and beverage and more. We’re looking for experienced designers, comfortable working at any point in the design process. Our designers have an eye for sharp visual design, and are experienced with UX design – including research and wireframing. Whether we’re designing websites, products, or apps – our designers are focused on making clients look good, empowering users and achieving results.

What You'll Do

  • Design websites, products, apps and a variety of digital and physical assets

  • Master the needs of our clients – working within the boundaries of their brand while elevating them by generating original concepts

  • Integrate stringent brand guidelines to create a rich look and feel

  • Work with a multi disciplinary team to execute within the entire design lifecycle including research, wireframing, prototyping, visual design and testing.

  • Create new design systems and contribute to existing systems

  • Speak to clients and stakeholders and present your work

  • Use design to elevate the storytelling capabilities for our clients and ourselves

Above and beyond your individual talents, we’re looking for someone to join our team. We’re a very collaborative bunch, eager for feedback. The work we execute is the product of the team. If you’re excited about learning from others, and helping others – you’ll find a good home here.If that sounds like you, get in touch.

What We're Looking For

  • Expansive experience designing large scale/high profile websites

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • You produce smart and beautiful design, demonstrating a strong understanding of typography, color and layout

  • You demonstrate diverse taste, with the knowledge of what styles are appropriate to apply to a given task or project

  • Knowledge of user interface design, ux design, product design, and the creative process.

  • Strong understanding of current design tools

  • BONUS: Experience in content creation, marketing, and copywriting

  • BONUS: Demonstrable history of working on large-scale projects and producing holistic design systems

  • BONUS: Understanding of product development lifecycle

This role is open to freelance contractors or a full time team member. Salary range is USD $80,000-$95,000 per year commensurate with background, qualifications and experience.

Work from anywhere in North, Central or South America. If your timezone is outside of US business hours but you work at least 4+ hours of overlap each day, let’s chat. You must be fluent in English. You just need a computer and a strong wifi signal to support daily video chats with the Tribe

Inclusion Statement
Modern Tribe is committed to a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. We foster an environment of collaboration, open engagement, fairness and respect regardless of differences in age, race, disability, national origin, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. As a hybrid workspace ranging from distributed contractors to traditional employees, we value the unique perspectives and experiences of our global team.
We come from all walks of life. We are small business owners. We are tattoo aficionados and 80’s movie buffs and ex-pats. We are homeschool teachers. We are single parents. We are musicians, college drop-outs, and entrepreneurs. We are travelers, feminists, runners, volunteers, and makers. We are a Modern Tribe.
Everyday we strive to fulfill our motto: live well and do good work. We hope you will consider joining us.

Who You Are
We love working with each other because we have built a culture that suits us well. We work primarily with freelancers and coordinate their talents for large projects. To be on our team, you must be:

  • HAPPY: Where there is a will, there is a way. Having a positive disposition allows us to achieve great things and to support each other.

  • HELPFUL: Always looking for ways that you can help others.

  • CURIOUS: It is essential that you have a passion for learning. Technology changes daily, and life has a way of constantly raising the bar.

  • ACCOUNTABLE: Our clients expect us to get the right thing done on budget and on time. Communicating expectations and meeting them is the cornerstone of success.

We believe in learning from each other and fostering personal growth. You can expect to learn a lot while working with us and we have a benefits package for full time employees.(Also, if you work enough with us, we’ll bring you on the team trips.)

To apply:

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