UI/UX Product Designer for Automotive/Motorsport SaaS
MotorsportReg.com / Hagerty

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Headquarters: Traverse City, MI
URL: https://www.motorsportreg.com

MotorsportReg.com is the best place to organize, find and attend automotive and motorsport events. We are like Eventbrite for anything requiring an engine: racing, track days, autocross, karting, drifting, motorcycles, karting and rally. 
Part of Hagerty, an automotive lifestyle brand for people who love cars, we are a fully-remote SaaS team supporting 1,300 clubs, racetracks and sanctioning bodies with our CRM, event management platform and marketplace. With 7,000 events managed annually by our customers, our goal is to be the number one commerce platform for motorsport events - making it easier to organize and attend events. 

About the Role 
As the lead and sole designer on our product team, you will own all UI/UX mobile and web design for MotorsportReg.com. The ideal candidate is highly inquisitive and outcome-oriented, validating intuition derived from experience with quantitative and qualitative input from users, contextual research and analytics. 
Balancing visual design, information architecture and interaction design, you will collaborate closely with developers to rapidly get value into the hands of users. You will create and maintain guidance and patterns which developers can independently use to implement common screens and flows while you focus your deep thinking on new features and unusual use cases. Like painting the Golden Gate bridge, the job is never done; we return to the beginning and start fresh based on what we’ve learned and the current requirements. 




What You Can Expect 
As a remote team, we stay connected with Slack and Zoom. Our software lifecycle revolves around Git, Docker, AWS and Node/VueJS. Design has been a mix of Sketch and InvisionApp (but we're not tied to them if you have other faves). We have daily huddles to keep things moving and you'll have regular 1:1s with your manager to discuss your needs and goals. 

We have deadlines like everyone else, but because we value work-life integration, we do not expect routine long hours. A well-rested and well-rounded top performer with ruthless focus will deliver substantially more in 40-45 hours than a team of burnouts sitting in front of a screen 60 hours a week. 

Who You'll Work With 

We're a 15-person team which means you'll interact with everyone but, on a day-to-day basis, these are your four primary future teammates until we grow the team further in 2020: 

Whether you're a motorsport fanatic or have never set foot at a racetrack, you'll find our team and our customers to be a fun group of passionate enthusiasts. 

What We're Offering 

Ready to take the Green Flag? 
We hope you’re the one!  Let us know why you want to work with us by filling out our application including a link to your portfolio.

To apply: https://hagerty.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/hagerty/job/California/Lead-Motorsport-SaaS-Product-Designer_R933/apply

Posted about 3 years ago