Customer Experience Specialist

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

The Role
As a Customer Experience Specialist, you will be helping elementary teachers, administrators, and parents succeed at using Mystery Science and our other products. We’re looking for an empathetic, efficient problem solver who loves to make people’s day. 

Empathetic, passionate support-people love working at, because our elementary teacher and homeschool customers are raving fans of our product, and because ours is a company where customer issues get solved at the root, and quickly, so support is less about apologizing, and more about saying, yes we can! Our customer experience specialists work remotely; our core group has been with us for two years, and we’ve added three new people in Fall 2019. As we hire to support our growth, we make sure we maintain the culture that makes this an engaged, positive team. In addition to handling typical support requests, we also help with inside sales efforts, and our more experienced team members have become a go-to resource for a wide range of company projects. This is a great opportunity for empathetic, energetic people who want to grow with us as we scale to help us reach millions of children, at school and at home.
You will report to Heather Burns, our Head of Customer Experience. We are headquartered in San Francisco and this position is open to both local and US-based, remote candidates (pacific time hours). 
About You
As a Customer Experience Specialist, your primary focus will be solving our customer’s problems. Mostly, we respond to customer inquiries via email--helping customers with a wide range of questions, from what lesson to teach next, to how to trouble-shoot video issues, from which of our membership levels to choose, to how to submit a purchase order. However, you’ll also answer inbound phone calls, and support our district partnership team with outbound calls to school or district admins to follow up on quotes they created, or emails that bounce. 
In your daily work, you’ll be using a wide range of systems: ZenDesk, Slack, Asana, Zoom, in addition to the Google suite and our in-house CRM and content management system. 
As you join, we’ll train you on all aspects of this job: we’ve got a robust wiki with training resources and best practices, in addition to a seasoned team eager to help you get up-to-speed. Once you’re on top of all ticket types and know well, you may also have the opportunity to work on projects for other teams in the company.
This is an opportunity to help more kids stay curious and become the next generation of problem solvers. If you work from a home office, we meet daily via Zoom as a team, and have weekly company-wide town halls. Plus, we all get together near our San Francisco office for our semi-annual offsites. 
Package & Perks
If you’re looking for the basics:
…but the real perks of working at are the quality of the people on your team and the problem we’re solving. Those things are what bring us to work every day.
We started to create better explanations for every question children have about the world. We began with the 150 most common science questions that children ask teachers. We call this collection Mystery Science. Last year, more than 4 million children used Mystery Science in 50% of U.S. elementary schools. In an industry that is plagued by long sales cycles and high barriers to entry, we’ve sold thousands of schools without a single sales person. We’re backed by a great group of investors including Y Combinator, Learn Capital, and Reach Capital.
We’re now moving on to all the other questions children have that they’ll never learn in school. In the last 18 months we received over 500,000 questions from children eager for better explanations of the world.  Now we’re creating video explanations for every question. You can think of this like a visual Wikipedia for kids.
Our goal is to create a generation of better thinkers. We think this is the most important problem to solve in the world today.
Meet The Team
On your first day at, you’ll meet a team of people who are passionate about science and teaching, and who each love their respective crafts. Our co-founder, Doug Peltz, began by assembling the best science explainers in the world from the Exploratorium, Klutz, LePort Schools, Stanford, and The Field Museum. Our focus on people extends to every area of the company. We’re building the team that we want to work with.
We are a product-driven company. The core of what we do is create an incredible product that our customers love. We test every science activity, observe every explanation with children, and talk with teachers constantly. We take our responsibility to envision the future of learning very seriously and we want to bring the best science education to every child in the world. This is an opportunity to join a startup and transform science education for the next generation of children.
If you are inspired by our mission and passionate about helping teachers succeed and transforming science education for kids, we’d like to hear from you! Apply today!

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