Technical Project Manager

At Noom, we use scientifically proven methods to help our users create healthier lifestyles, and manage important conditions like Type-II Diabetes, Obesity, and Hypertension. Our Engineering team is at the forefront of this challenge, solving complex technical problems that center around habits, behavior, and lifestyle.

We are looking for a Technical Project Manager to join our Engineering department. This position will report directly to our VP of Engineering and help us design and implement best-practice development processes, shepherd internal projects from idea to completion, and coordinate work across our multiple teams.

What You’ll Like About Us

  • We work on problems that affect the lives of real people. Our users depend on us to make positive changes to their health and their lives.

  • We base our work on scientifically-proven, peer-reviewed methodologies that are designed by medical professionals

  • We’re a respectful, diverse, and dynamic environment in which Engineering is a first-class citizen, and where you’ll be able to work on a variety of interesting problems that affect the lives of real people.

  • We offer a generous budget for personal development expenses like training courses, conferences, and books.

  • You’ll get three weeks’ paid vacation and a flexible work policy that is remote- and family-friendly (about 50% of our engineering team is fully remote). We worry about results, not time spent in seats.

  • Working remote? No problem; remote engineers are first-class citizens in our organization. Working from our NYC HQ? Enjoy delicious (and nutritious) daily lunches and snacks prepared by Sam, our on-site chef.

What We’ll Like About You

  • You have at least 4 years experience working in a similar role (project manager, operations manager, manager of special projects, etc.) as part of a team of 50–80 engineers (or slightly larger)

  • You possess excellent communication skills and the ability to clearly explain complex technical concepts to a technical and nontechnical audience alike

  • You know how to write compelling documentation at a fast pace, turning the requirements and directives you collect from multiple stakeholders into comprehensive design and technical specs.

  • You are well-versed with lean management techniques, and can manage projects using a Scrum or Kanban approach using tools like Jira.

  • You have a proven record of coordinating the design of multiple complex projects across several different teams, scoping them appropriately, and shepherding them to completion.

  • You know that processes exist to serve the organization, and not the other way around. You see your job as helping us make great decisions, and not just making sure that we check all the boxes.

  • **You have a technical background, and possess at least basic programming knowledge in a language like Python or Javascript.**

Posted about 1 year ago