Live, breathe, $code & love PHP? £37-45k

Hello! We're Ocasta - a friendly, diverse team that design, build and maintain Oplift, our Digital Operations Platform and other custom solutions.

We are looking for a PHP developer to add to our small but talented server team. When not drinking coffee (other beverages are available) or eating cake you'll be working with Cake - CakePHP that is - extending an e-commerce platform for a national retailer. We know you love PHP but we'll also give you the opportunity to learn new technologies - for example our typical stack is Golang, GraphQL & microservices hosted on AWS.

We have a great office in Brighton and aim for a good work life balance which means we don't mind where in the UK you are based as we're happy for you to work remotely. We encourage anyone applying to read some of the Five minutes with... series of posts we have on our website where our Ocastars talk about why they enjoy working here.


If these sound like the sort of thing you'd like to be doing every day please get in touch. 

What to Expect If You Apply

  1. We will review you application within 7 days. The more you can tell us about yourself and your previous roles the easier it is for us to make a thorough evaluation of your suitability for the role. Links to code are helpful but not compulsory.

  2. Arrange an interview (in person or by video) with a couple of our server developers

  3. We might ask you to complete a short programming exercise. This is an opportunity for you to see a glimpse of the kind of work you'd be doing here, and for us evaluate your technical skills. We will then follow up with a short meeting to discuss your submission.

  4. Make you an offer. 

Posted about 3 years ago