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Headquarters: Appleton, Wisconsin


Hello! Watch this video for more information on the role, narrated by the Owner of Optimal, Brandon Wentland.
If you’re reading this, you’re interested in the Resource Manager position at Optimal (or maybe you know someone who would be a fit).
You will have a front-row seat in helping our company tangibly generate revenue growth for our clients. Specifically, you will be helping our team find, connect, and maintain relationships with expert freelance partners in various marketing fields.
We believe that one of the most powerful concepts is “Who Not How”. That too many people get stuck on "the how" when they just need to find the right "Who". The right person for any task or project will help you go faster, easier, better, and cheaper. Your mission - should you accept to take it - is to focus 100% on this concept.
We call our contractors “partners” because that is what they are to us, co-creators. We strive to work with the best and have authentic relationships.
We don't send all of our work to partners - in fact, we complete the majority of the work we do for our clients in-house. However, the work we choose to delegate to partners is often the most important work we could be doing with a client in a given quarter. We want the work to be the highest quality possible and to only work with the best partners possible - that's why a Resource Manager is so important. They help us find partners, ensure they're a great fit for our company, delegate the work, ensure effective utilization, monitor performance and grow positive partner relationships.

Position Summary

This is a non-technical role that bridges the gap between the outside world and our internal company.
Externally, you are focused on finding the VERY BEST partners to our team that have deep experience in specific domains. You interview them to see if they fit our culture and then help onboard them to our process.
Internally, you are the ultimate helper to our Growth Markers (who serve as account and project managers). Anytime they have work they want help with, you reference your extensive database of partners to find the right one (while making sure our favorite ones are not overbooked). You ensure clear delegation, great follow-through by the partner, and watch the budgets for contracted work. You facilitate 1 on 1 trainings, workshops, and standard operating procedures with the help of your partner network.

A Resource Manager is...

  • Responsible for

    • Reporting on partner utilization and profitability 

    • Reducing client budgets when partners are used 

    • Finding continuous improvement opportunities with partners 

  • Accountable for

    • Partner recruiting when a partner doesn't exist in our network 

    • Parter on-boarding into our existing systems 

    • Partner work delegation 

    • Partner relationship building and maintenance 

    • Helping cover partner work when Growth Marketers are out on leave/vacation 

  • Consulted when

    • Someone on the team has a need (first "who", then "how") 

    • Issues arise with partners 

    • Learning opportunities arise with partners 

  • Informed when

    • Growth marketers go on leave/vacation and what work they may need assistance with 

    • We have increased partner needs due to our sales on-boarding schedule 

    • We have great or poor results of our partner work 

What We Are Looking For


  • A strong relationship builder

  • Organized and loves to plan

  • Have high follow-through, ensuring all requests are seen to their end-goal

  • Team-oriented

  • Intrinsically motivated in helping others be successful

  • You're an expert "Googler" and can find anything you set your mind to

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Good understanding of project management tools

  • Experience organizing and delivering training programs

  • Able to set, follow, and update standard operating procedures

  • 3-5 years professional business experience in: 

    • Project Management 

    • Office Administration 

    • Talent acquisition/recruiting/retention 

    • Human Resources 

    • Workforce Planning 

    • Team/client/customer on-boarding 

    • Resource coordination 

    • Or, related field 


  • Interviewing experience

  • Experience working remote

  • Basic understanding of internet marketing tactics/strategies

Salary & Benefits

  • $40,000 – $55,000; depending on qualifications and experience

  • Paid vacation that accumulates every year

  • Paid holidays

  • Parental, Medical, and Bereavement leave policies

  • Group health insurance for employees and families

  • Paid Short-term disability insurance

  • Paid Long-term disability insurance

  • Paid Group term life insurance

  • Voluntary life insurance options

  • Option for 401k contribution

Additional Benefits:

  • Autonomy - you take ownership of how work is completed

  • Flexible work hours

  • Ability to work remote

  • Education and growth potential

  • Quarterly coaching

  • Employment anniversary celebrations

  • Bi-weekly "Donut" meet-ups with team with paid budget

  • Monthly informal office meet-ups

  • Beautiful office environment with views of the Fox River, equipped with free coffee, snacks, and La Croix

About Optimal

Check out our Work at Optimal page for more about our culture and team!

Our Mission:
  • Give More Than We Take

Our Values:

  • Focus - Eliminates distractions for deep work; believes in the philosophy of "less but better"

  • Radical candor - Cares personally and challenges directly with both the team and clients

  • Continuous improvement - Transforms losing opportunities into learning ones, invests in self with constant learning

  • Extreme Ownership - Able to effectively prioritize and complete work without constant management

How to Apply

We value great communicators, so take your time with the application. Keep in mind that we do not equate length with substance, so please keep your cover letter to fewer than 1500 words. Stock cover letters won't do - tell us why you want this job, not just any job. Also, share in your cover letter if you were referred by anyone for this position.

To apply:

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