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Pathable, Inc.

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Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Pathable, Inc. is hiring full-stack JavaScript developers to join our nomadic team of software engineers. We're building from the ground up the second version of our industry leading mobile/web application in Meteor and React.
Live and work from anywhere, while learning new things, working on a product thousands of people love to use every day.
Our company is successful, self-funded, profitable, twenty people strong, and growing. We've developed a fantastic culture that embraces adventure in business, engineering and lifestyle. Please join us!

About Us
Pathable ( is the leading provider of community software for conferences, tradeshows, events, and associations. Our software serves in-person, virtual and hybrid events of all shapes and sizes -- we're improving the entire experience of attending and throwing complex events and conferences. Though we develop products delivered over the Internet, as a nearly 10 year-old profitable company, we're not quite a startup anymore.
We're fortunate to have room to innovate and experiment as we develop new products and services. Managed and majority owned by the original founders, we've got the freedom to chart our own course -- our only influence is what's best for our customers.
From the beginning, our culture has supported and embraced remote workers. We don't have an office and the Pathable family lives or is traveling in over 10 countries. Our members enjoy more time with their children, living in remote and unusual places, or exploring the world; all while growing professionally and building things about which they are proud.
We're building features in our recently finished new version, it was built from the ground up, using the latest tools available at the time, integrated everything we've learned from nearly 15 years of product development to the same market.

What We're Building
We have a single product composed of five different Meteor applications including a Mobile Native app.
We use Meteor, MongoDB, React and related technology to develop our second generation Meteor based web and mobile application. Our team includes core committers to Meteor and we lovingly embrace open source contributions to a variety of projects.
We deploy code weekly, often daily, to our AWS-based Galaxy clusters.
We use constraint solvers to model and solve complex scheduling problems.
We test everything with Cypress.
While we don't code pair, we aggressively review each others code via pull requests and video presentations.
We use TargetProcess and Slack, with frequent video calls via Zoom or Google Hangouts. 
And much more!

About You
You love working with JavaScript, React, NodeJS and related technologies.
You've probably released open source software.
You love to learn new technologies and embrace change. You are open to whatever technology, processes or techniques will improve your ability to deliver high quality software as quickly as possible.
You thrive in a remote working environment where you may never meet your co-workers in person; you go wherever you want. You want complete control over your development and working environment. You understand how essential clear, consistent communication is when working remotely -- ambiguity makes you uncomfortable.
You enjoy vigorously defending what you know to be right as much as you enjoy being wrong when the best answer wins. You're loath to have your co-workers discover bugs you've missed.
You'll write beautiful, well tested JavaScript both in the browser and on the server. You'll improve quality and reliability by bug hunting and writing Cypress tests.
You'll work directly with people in the entire company to design core product features, which you'll release and see used by hundreds of thousands of users.


How To Apply
Please first attempt our coding challenge and then apply here, including your a link to your solution. The application deadline is May 1st, 2020 (but the sooner the better). We are always happen to provide feedback on your submission -- just ask!

To apply:

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