Elon Musk of SEO...
Pearls of Joy

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA
URL: http://www.pearlsofjoy.com

 If you live and breath keyword research, link building, and brainstorming new content ideas, then we want you!We're looking for a kick-ass SEO who's been around the block a few times, been through a few wars and lived to tell the tale.  You know what it takes to build true authority and world class content. Not just play games trying to "trick" google into rankings, while biting your nails waiting for the next update to crush you.What you’ll be doing- website audit & big picture SEO strategy- roadmapping the next 6 months (thinking long term)- competitive analysis- backlink building (paid and outreach)- Improving speed and usability- working with content writers to build world class articles and guides. - and more....*MUST have experience managing SEO for e-commerce WITH referrals.    We will require you show us a real world case studies on how you've grown traffic for other E-com brands.   If you don't have a long list of referrals and case studies to brag about, this isn't the right position for you. A-players only, capisce! Compensation 💲💲💲 - monthly retainer TBD

To apply: https://simpleforms.typeform.com/to/Hg4MK7

Posted about 1 year ago