Lead Javascript Developer (Front-End Focus)

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Headquarters: Denver, CO
URL: https://pigknows.com

Job Description

This position is responsible for working with our small but skilled development team to create and maintain our existing Javascript software suite. The perfect candidate is someone who loves to focus on forward progress and loves writing new products from the ground up while maintaining some existing systems. The majority of your work (70%) will be front-end in either React or React-Native. The remaining (30%) will be backend API work in our NodeJS platform. Having real-world experience with React / ES6+ is essential, and you will struggle in this position without it. 

Minimum Requirements

  1.  Comfortable and decisive in ambiguous situations.

  2.  2-3+ years experience with JavaScript, with at least 1 year of experience with React. 

  3.  Working knowledge of and experience with using NodeJS to maintain and update our existing API and   backend infrastructure.

  4.  Strong knowledge of HTML and CSS.

  5.  Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate area or equivalent experience.

  6.  Ability to work independently with minimal oversight.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience with UI / UX.

  2. Simple wireframing / design skills are a huge plus. 

  3. Some knowledge of CentOS.

  4. Some knowledge of MySQL.

Technology We Use

Javascript, Typescript, ES6+, React, React-Native, NextJS, Zeit Micro, GraphQL, Apollo, Sequelize, MySQL, Babel, i18next, Material UI, HTML, CSS.


About PigKnowsDo you like barbecue or bacon?  Well, we do too!  PigKnows is a data management solution leading the swine industry since 2003. Hog producers, veterinarians, genetic and feed companies utilize PigKnows software as a data entry and reporting solution to track pig breeding, genetics, and raising. We offer innovative solutions with a laser focus on customer service, which has positioned us as a global leader in our space. Although the company is mature, we are looking to offer new, enterprise state-of-the-art solutions to the industry in a fast-paced environment. How to apply? Send a resume and cover letter to it@pigknows.com with the subject Lead Javascript Developer.

To apply: it@pigknows.com

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