Drupal Solutions Architect [Remote]

Headquarters: Paris, France
URL: https://platform.sh/


Solutions Architect are the product advocates for our Platform.sh Enterprise offerings. Your main mission is to drive the technology evaluation of our prospects and managing the different evaluation stages with their technical team. 

This position requires a deep knowledge of our solution and the web-development/Drupal ecosystem to architect and provide the best technical solution while also understanding the business challenges  and requirement of the client.

Can you deliver breathtaking and exhilarating tech demos, and explain the intricacies of command line tools? We run OEM PaaS services for famous brands like Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition and Sensio Cloud - can you help us build and run these vibrant software products? 

Directly reporting to our Director of Customer Solutions and in close interaction with our Sales, Support, Engineering and Infrastructure teams, you will be responsible for proactively ensuring a stable and secure product experience as the trusted advisor for the client in the pre-sales phase.
Along more traditional clients, your main focus will be on the Drupal market working on fleet opportunities that can include up to thousands of sites for large corporations or universities. These opportunities require a strong knowledge of running Drupal at scale to succeed. 
The ability to connect technology with measurable business value is critical to a solutions architect. You should also have a demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, products, and technical challenges. 

In a given day you might: 

You will give our customers their very first impression of our product, leading the path to high satisfaction in their product experience. 

As the Solutions team is also participating in conferences and meetups on a voluntary basis, you can, if you wish, travel and participate in these events alongside our sales and marketing team. 


Minimum Qualifications 

Preferred Qualifications 
Sound Like a Good Fit? We’d love to talk to you!  

This is a remote job. We are a worldwide distributed team and are looking for a candidate who can perform well working remotely. To be an effective performer you’ll need to be able to effectively collaborate across time zones while operating with a high level of independence and autonomy.

To apply: https://grnh.se/c01e7bc42us

Posted about 3 years ago