Sales Executive
Popcorn Growth

Headquarters: San Francisco

About Popcorn Growth
A fast-growing social media company. Our main line of business is Popcorn Growth, a TikTok-first influencer marketing agency. Here to shake up stuffy old-school agency practices. 
We know that success on TikTok for brands depends on speed and efficiency.
We know that creators do their best work when we let them be the creatives
We’ve operationalized the whole influencer marketing process so that we can help brands move at the speed of TikTok. 
Now, we are looking for passionate industry disruptors who are ready to move as fast as we do. 

Sales Executive Job Description 
This is a fully-remote position. We just want the best, wherever you are.
In this position, you will be part of a dynamic and fast-paced team that values impact, efficiency and independence. As a fully remote company, all of our team members must be able to take full responsibility for their roles and sphere of influence.
Our clients are respected brands. You must be comfortable engaging high-value clients and providing expert insight on the influencer marketing and social media space. 
We pride ourselves on being thought leaders in it with our clients for the long run- NO “Get 1 million followers in 3 days” or “Make $10,000 in a month” fluff. (Unfortunately, that does not appeal to our clients). 
We are champions of “work smart, and hard” and are building for scale. If you’re someone who would rather take 30 min figuring out how to optimize a process, than spend 10 minutes doing it manually every day, you’re our person. 

Your Goals
Our standard TikTok influencer campaign pricing starts at $30,000 a month x 6 months.  
We are starting an entry-level pricing “Popcorn Lite” to encourage clients to get started on TikTok fast.
Popcorn Lite: 

Your goal is at least $800k of sales revenue in the first year. 
Will you succeed in this role?
Because we are a start-up, we may not have the most robust and in-depth training process, so people who excel in our environment are people who are fast, independent learners who can pick up concepts quickly. 
Our training consists of:
Keys to success:

Sales Executive Requirements

Please Do NOT apply if:


To apply:

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