PHP Developer for Large Public Website
Portland Webworks, Inc.

We are seeking PHP developers with strong skills in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You write elegant, styling code, viewable on a wide range of devices and platforms. You understand Object-Oriented Programming, applying the technique to build maintainable software.  Working with a talented team of developers you can learn from and share your knowledge with is important to you. We want people with your skills and positive attitude to join us.

We have a number of large projects in flight and in our project pipeline. A sampling of some are:

  • Using GIS information to create layers on maps of State camping sites

  • Total Drupal 8 site re-write for a State's Department of Transporation

  • Building Community Sites to bring citizens together with public services

As a developer here at PWW, you can expect to:

  • work on a variety of projects ranging in both size and scope

  • deliver high-quality solutions across multiple industries

  • write blogs and have the opportunity to do technology presentations

  • consult with clients on design

  • work in a dynamic, collaborative environment

  • practice and mentor Agile and Continuous Development practices

  • participate in peer Code Reviews

  • contribute to the company's best practices knowledge base

  • Take part in weekly developer lunches to share new ideas and effect the change you want across a whole team

Types of problems we solve

  •  Search large datasets and display in a human-friendly manner

  •  eCommerce - catalog browsing and ordering.

  •  Large content site creation - theming, custom application integration

  • Interface with external services like Salesforce and national job listing sites

Skills you bring

  • Mastery of front-end development

    • CSS

    • Javascript

    • HTML 5

    • Responsive design

    • Accessibility (508 compliance)

    • Create HTML layout based on UX wireframes and designs

  • PHP
    • Object-Oriented structure development

Bonus Skills you bring are:

  • Experience with building Content Management Systems with Drupal or Wordpress

  • Experience developing applications using Laraval

Tools Used at PWW We believe in using the best tools to get the job done. At PWW we believe in automating as much as possible and getting new team members quickly up to speed. To achieve this, we use

  • Drupal

  • git

  • drush

  • docker

  • Amazon Web Services

  • PHP Webstorm / IntelliJ / SublimeText / Atom

  • Apache Solr

  • MySql

  • inVision

  • Sketch

  • ....and much more

We offer great benefits to full-time or our on-site team members:

  • Friday Happy Hour

  • Weekly catered developer luncheons

  • Full-time employees earn on average annual profit share of 16% of your base salary 

  • Excellent location in Portland's Old Port neighborhood

  • In-house weekly yoga instruction

  • Flex scheduling

Posted about 1 year ago