Blockchain software developer
Prometheum Inc.

This job posting is for a blockchain developer. It is expected that candidates can demonstrate senior software engineering experience, including at least 2 years recent experience on blockchain projects.

Candidates with only academic blockchain experience will be considered, but knowledge of technologies and provable working code is essential.

You will be working on a hybrid public/permissioned blockchain in the security token space. More information can be provided to interested and experienced candidates.

It is expected that you have done at least one of the following:

  1. Worked in a substantial capacity on a blockchain project at the protocol level where your code has been shipped to a public (or widely used private) network.

  2. Worked on more than one distributed application where you have designed, developed and delivered non-trivial smart contracts and supporting application layer systems.

  3. Have worked on (non blockchain) distributed systems at an expert level and have developed an understanding of blockchain with some shipped blockchain code.

In addition, you must have:

  • Smart contract design, development and prototyping experience (including in Solidity)

  • Excellent understanding of blockchain fundamentals

  • Worked on blockchain projects for at least 2 years

  • Senior engineering experience (7+ years) in a related field

Preferably, you also have:

  • Shipped or worked on open source public blockchain networks

  • Familiarity (or better) with Rust

  • Experience working in more than one smart contract language

  • Experience deploying, managing and using blockchain nodes¬†(blockchain ops)

  • Experience of cross-chain considerations (e.g. bridging, pegging, locking techniques)

  • Familiarity with Node.JS, Go or other contemporary server-side frameworks and languages

(Very) nice to haves:

  • Experience with Substrate or Polkadot

  • Experience¬†on projects that use hybrid¬†permissioned/public blockchain networks

  • FinTech experience (not necessarily blockchain)

Posted about 1 year ago