Head of Growth

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Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
URL: http://www.rainforestqa.com

🚀 About the Role

🧐 Q&A with the CEOIn the spirit of asynchronous, remote team building, we've recorded a few short videos asking our CEO some questions about this role that may help you learn more.How critical is this role at Rainforest? - youtu.be/vWnrB0xblpUWhat kind of company do you want to build? - youtu.be/Fd_Tn5eN9d0What is the big opportunity here? - youtu.be/DIRcVmGMurAWhat is your vision for the product? - youtu.be/BNvBmqh-fZ4👊 About youCore Requirements
Other Differentiators

To apply: https://www.growthfoundry.co/

Posted almost 3 years ago