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Red Earth Design, Inc.

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Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ
URL: https://redearthdesign.com/

About Red Earth Design, Inc.   https://redearthdesign.com/
Red Earth Design, Inc. is a woman-owned distributed company that was created in 2001. There is no office and all team members work remotely. The team consists of seven full- and part-time project managers, WordPress developers, and designers, who have been working together for several years.
We specialize in supporting creative agencies, non-profits, such as environmental education organizations, animal rescues, and social justice organizations, and small businesses - organizations on a budget. We help people help the world.
Our main focus is building out WordPress websites and providing ongoing support and maintenance. Our most important values are genuinely caring about the people we are working with and tenacity in solving problems. We listen, we're accessible and patient, and we make things work. We train clients on how to use their website in an empowering way.
Job Description
We are looking for a WordPress Project Manager to join our team for 30-35 hours a week as an employee. Hourly rate $25/hr. during the trial period and $30/hr. when hired. Benefits include medical health insurance.
The purpose of this position is to facilitate the delivery of quality work on time and in budget. You will work as a tech translator - ensuring first that you understand a request thoroughly so you can interpret it for a team member instead of simply forwarding a request. Once a task is ready, you won’t simply pass on a link. Instead you will review and test the update to confirm that what you are sending back to the client is what the client requested. So while delegation is primary, checking the quality and accuracy of an update is important for maintaining our high standards, reducing back and forth, and reducing your and the client’s stress.
Though we work remotely, this position does require a quiet environment conducive to answering phone calls and a stable internet connection. Team communication is done via email, Slack chats, and a project/task management tool. We also hold video conferences three to four times a month to touch base as a team along with regular one on one check-in calls between each team member and the business manager. 
This position requires regular work hours during U.S. business hours. You will need to be available for 6-7 hours each day during Pacific or Mountain time business hours.
There is no set vacation limit other than it needs to be scheduled in advance so we can make sure to cover your work while out of the office. Paid sick time is included according to your state’s regulations.
This position requires US residency. Excellent written and verbal communication skills and WordPress proficiency are required. Our team would like to work with someone who is modest and easy to get along with.
The position begins with a paid 60 hour trial period with one check-in after 30 hours and another at the end to determine whether it is working for you and working for us. The hours can be completed in 2 weeks or spread across several weeks as needed. Either party reserves the right to end the trial period at any time.
Required Skills/Experience
Familiarity with:
Initial Responsibilities
Target Responsibilities
Examples of tasks:
Required Tools
Please answer the following questions in your application:
Please send an email with responses to each of the above questions and your attached resume to jobs@redearthdesign.com. The email must be sent to that address and contain the subject line: “RED Project Manager Position“ to be considered.
Deadline: Applications will be accepted through February 14th at 5 pm PST.


To apply: jobs@redearthdesign.com

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