Senior Software Engineer

Headquarters: San Francisco


Building a product is always about balance — between done and perfect, between taking on tech debt and taking your time, between what's needed and what's possible. In the lifecycle of a feature or even an industry, the right balance evolves. 

At Reforge engineering, our situation is a little unique. Our customers are the leading practitioners in the tech world. Employees from Google, Github, Reddit, Airbnb, and more look to us to provide in-depth organized insights that accelerate their careers. Furthermore, they look to us to provide a product experience that reflects the high quality of our content. In the beginning, Reforge was a content-driven company, and we are evolving to become a product-driven company. We want to be the example of world-class education and community product. 

It will be your job to think with us, to identify and build the best software we can in the moment with a grander vision in mind, and help us move the professional education industry to a place that reflects the reality of work. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be (sorry, couldn't help myself).

You'll be joining as part of the foundational team of a profitable proven startup. We bootstrapped to high seven-figure revenue, led by experienced entrepreneurs. In addition, you will integrate into our community of subject matter experts, including the leaders who helped build companies like Slack, Pinterest, CreditKarma, ClassPass, ipsy, Eventbrite, SurveyMonkey, Thumbtack, and more.




You won't be given a list of features that need to be implemented - you will be presented challenges to solve and tasked with leading a project to come up with the best possible solution. You'll work with the product and design team to communicate what is feasible and to understand and envision goals. 

Here are some delightful bullet points that outline some things you'll be doing:



Our commitment to diversity and inclusion: We deeply value creating a team with different perspectives, educational backgrounds, and life experiences, and we prioritize diversity within our team. We encourage people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply. 

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