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Headquarters: Virginia Beach, VA

Gravity Forms is looking for a Content Marketer to write amazing content for our website, execute our content strategy, collaborate with team members, outside partners, and guest contributors to hit deadlines, drive traffic, and provide value to new users and current customers. Relocation is not necessary, as we consider your geographic location a non-issue. Hours are flexible based on your time zone requirements.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Write!
2. Edit and Publish Blog Content 
3. Manage the Content Calendar

4. Optimize for SEO

5. Engage with the Community

6. Document and Improve our Processes 

7. Develop deep knowledge of Gravity Forms


Bonus points:

Your first 1-3 months on the job:

We have a small bank of blog articles that are just about ready to publish. You’ll create the plan, schedule these posts in WordPress, and share on social. 

In the next few months, we have new Official Add-ons coming out (meaning Gravity Forms will integrate with a 3rd party service like MailChimp, HubSpot, etc). You’ll work with the marketing team and the development team to create content and co-marketing pieces around these Add-On releases. (Example: we just released the EmailOctopus Add-On and created an announcement post, a “sales” page with description and features, as well as social media posts). 

Within the Gravity Forms community, developers have created their own products that extend the features of the Gravity Forms core product. As part of working more closely with these developers, we want to collaborate on content, highlighting how customers can solve problems and create advanced solutions using Gravity Forms and these community add-ons. You’ll be a key player in these collaborative conversations, help craft the strategy, and then execute. This content is likely to be more than just a blog article, but could be an in-depth case study, extended tutorial, ebook, etc.As part of bringing you up to speed, you will also audit Gravity Forms content, looking for new opportunities, areas of improvement, content that can be refreshed, etc.  

On a random day, 6 months into the role:

You might have a call with the Director of Marketing to go over next month’s content. You will publish a blog post and share on social media (or schedule it!). Provide edits to a guest writer’s recent draft. Work on a long form case study that highlights how a customer is using Gravity Forms with X, Y, and Z to create an education platform. Wrap up the day by checking with the product team about a new Add-On release coming in two weeks.
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