Solutions Architect

SDVI works hand-in-hand with leaders of the Media & Entertainment industry to develop media supply chain management solutions. SDVI Rally provides SaaS-based, dynamic management of a media company’s supply chain infrastructure, including compute, storage, and networking resources, as well as third-party media applications such as transcoding and QC analysis tools and the resources they require. Our solution architects are responsible for working directly with our customers and technical account management team to ensure customers are able to gain maximum benefit from our platform.

As part of an internationally distributed team, headquartered in Sunnyvale but working from home and in the field, you are assertive, energetic, an excellent communicator and a highly effective collaborator. You are a puzzle solver that is not afraid to bring your technical prowess to bear when crafting solutions. You have a passion for working intimately with your team and customers, to change the way they work and get a kick from sharing in their ongoing success.

You are responsible for creating and configuring efficient, scalable supply chains with our customers, ultimately ensuring their successful use of the SDVI platform. As a solutions architect, your focus is supporting the technical account management (TAM) team during the process of initial customer engagements, via POC design and implementation, as well as the ongoing expansion of existing deployments. Additionally, some aspects of technical support and training are required, ensuring the success of our customers as they become self-sufficient in the use of the SDVI Rally platform.

Your technical capabilities will allow you to quickly learn the Rally platform inside and out. You will become an expert in configuration of the Rally platform, exercising your development skillset to ensure our customers are implementing best-of-breed supply chains, and working directly with them to become self-sufficient as they become familiar with the platform. Your strong communication skills will ensure we continue to support and serve our customers to the highest standards.

Responsibilities include:

Directly supporting the sales and TAM teams, you will assist with technical aspects of the sales process, including architecture and configuration of demo and POC supply chains, third party software integrations, support of product demonstrations, and building relationships with the technical stakeholders who will ultimately become our customers.

As new customers start to use our platform, you will be there every step of the way. Working closely with the TAM team, you will be assisting customers in the definition, creation and testing of supply chains, while helping them get up to speed to manage the platform themselves through training and education.

As a provider of SaaS services, we expect happy customers to grow their usage over time. This can be achieved through increased throughput, onboarding of additional services and use cases, enhancements to their existing supply chains, or growth in to other departments within the organization. You will support the design and implementation to nourish and grow these expansions within existing accounts to grow the SDVI footprint.

As a design and implementation specialist you will support our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction in conjunction with our TAM & support teams. Your goal is happy customers who will want to do more with the SDVI platform.


You are likely a professionally trained software engineer who has determined they want more from their career. This role will exercise your existing software development skillset, but couple it with a customer facing role to expand your experience and give you the satisfaction of directly solving customers problems using the Rally platform.

Posted about 3 years ago