Market Researcher

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Headquarters: Shiftsmart

This role:Talk with a person on the phone and record the answers verbatim. You will be using your computer to make these calls. We will train you on our software. You will be making political surveying phone calls and collecting demographic and political opinion information. You are NOT campaigning for any specific candidate. You are NOT collecting monetary donations OR selling any items. You can work a minimum of two hours per day, and up to 30-40 hours per week. You CAN create your own schedule.Requirements:
You’ll need to have a computer, a strong internet connection, and a quiet work environment. We’ll provide access to the required software. We are also looking for candidates who have:

MUST be located in one of the following states:North CarolinaSouth CarolinaMississippiAlabamaGeorgiaTennesseeFloridaTexas

What we're looking for:We're looking for responsible individuals who are comfortable working remotely. We want to trust that you are working during the shifts that you accept. We understand that several scenarios can happen during these calls, so you will not be paid based on the number of calls or surveys you complete in an hour- you are strictly paid for your time. 
Here's why you should partner with Shiftsmart:

Compensation:Starting pay is $10 per hour with an opportunity to earn more. We'll pay you a $25 bonus after you complete your first shift. There is an option for NEXT DAY payment. To apply:Please submit a brief video response here: your resume to including the best phone number to contact you 

To apply:

Posted about 3 years ago