Senior Ruby Engineer

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Headquarters: Bay Area, CA (No Office)

We are
Shogun (YC W18): a page builder platform for eCommerce stores. We're one of the most popular apps on Shopify and BigCommerce. Our fully remote team of +40 is located all around the world.  
You must

  • Know Ruby (and Rails) like the back of your hand

  • Have a super high standard of quality

  • Be super well organized

  • Have some real-world code we can check out

  • Have a lot of experience

Technologies you will use

  • Ruby (and Rails)

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB (sorry about that)

  • BigQuery

  • Redis

  • GraphQL

  • Heroku

  • You might also play with Golang, Node.js and React

We offer

  • Solid pay

  • Fully remote team (+13 countries just on the engineering team)

  • Trips to international off-sites (next one in June/20)

  • Health Benefits (US)

  • Paid co-working space anywhere you want

  • And more

Try out Shogun
If you want, you can use Shogun to get a feel for the product. We'd love to hear what you think. Here is how:

  1. Create a Shopify Developer Account:

  2. Create a development store:

  3. Install Shogun on your development store:

  4. Create a couple of pages. We will take a look.

To apply:

Posted about 1 year ago