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It’s tough to tell what a role might be like from a job description alone. So we thought it might be good to give you more context of what the role is about. This way you can have a better idea if it’s the right fit for you. 

SignEasy is hiring a product marketing manager. This title can have a lot of definitions. In fact it can have almost a different meaning at each company. 

So let’s start with SignEasy. 

We’re a product-led company that is the e-signature choice for growing businesses. We just turned 10 years old! And we’re entering our second phase of growth. We had a first phase that was app focused. You may have noticed that we’re well rated in the Apple iOS store. (Google Play, too!) 

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and more are still great partners of ours, and you’ll work with them. Along the journey, though, we noticed a lot of businesspeople were using our app. So not only did we enhance the app experience for them on iOS and Android, but we developed a web app for them. When this happened, our pricing and packaging began to evolve. Soon we were attracting even more business users. And then teams of business users. That trend continues today. It’s still a work in progress (we need your help!). But we’re at a point where our team licenses are growing faster than our individual licenses. And we really want to push the pedal on this. 

So what exactly are we working on at SignEasy? 

We are building the best e-signature solution for growing businesses, so that people can be more productive by focusing more on what they love, and less on paperwork. 

Digital transactions are something that affect nearly every businessperson, especially now. Providing them with an elegant, easy-to-use, affordable solution is good for our business, yes, but it’s really good for their business, their customers and partners, and for the environment. 

Great, but why now? 

More people than ever are now working from home. Combine this with contactless signing needs in industries that are back to work. You can start to guess that the need for e-signatures has dramatically increased. So overall the industry is growing. But we’re looking to grow even faster than the industry. How fast? We’re doubling this year. And we’re doing that by focusing our efforts on certain industries and market segments that we know we have a competitive advantage in. We need your help to get us deeper, faster. 

Outcomes you'll help achieve 

It’s no secret. Our market is crowded. Or at least it seems to be. But when you dig in a bit more, there are only a few main competitors, most of whom run the route of claiming to be everything to everyone, and as a result provide a sub-par and outdated product experience. So we can differentiate here. And we can really differentiate by focusing on a few specific industries and use cases. What we’ll look for you to do is to really understand who’s using us in these specific industries, why they’re using us, how they talk about it, what a day in the life is like, and more. Using this information, you’ll develop differentiated product positioning and messaging that resonates with others like them in the industry. And you’ll partner with the content and demand gen teams to create a buyer’s journey map and associated content. 

We move quickly here. So our product is regularly updated and enhanced. We’ll look for you to tell a story to the market around these additions, and equip the team with what they need to effectively convey that story. 

We have our own path and focus. We know where we’re strong and, as a result, where we want to double-down. But that doesn’t mean we ignore what others in the industry are doing. So we’ll look for you to follow market trends and analyze what they mean for us. 

With your understanding of who uses us, combined with what’s happening in the market, we’ll look for you to craft compelling messaging that helps us hit on key needs and differentiate across marketing channels. 

You have a bit of a competitive streak and like to win, right? Then you’ll be an excellent partner with sales. Work with them to provide the tools, training, and collateral they need to win. 

And it doesn’t hurt if you’re into evangelizing. This can include speaking with customers, prospects, analysts, and even on behalf of the company. 

Your backgroundTo hit the ground running and ramp up quickly, you should have done this before. We’re looking for someone who has three to five years of prior experience in a similar position, hopefully in a B2B SaaS environment. Bonus points if it was a product-led environment, as well. 

An inquisitive mind with an ability to understand software along with the psychology of buyers. This means doing things like studying buyer behavior and ideal customer profiles, and translating your findings into marketing content. 

Because of the previous point, you’ll need to have excellent communication and persuasion skills. We’re talking written, verbal, and presentation skills, with an eye for quality and attention to detail. 

If this sounds good, here are some reasons you might like working with us 

We’re a group of learners that challenge each other to be better. If you enjoy learning, believe there are things you can learn from anyone, and enjoy solving puzzles, this is a good spot for you. 

We have more than 7 million users of our product. You can test, learn, and scale rapidly. 

You'll work with a team that is passionate and truly cares about what they produce. Here’s a link to learn more about our culture and values

We’re a small team doing big things! Your work will make a huge impact on customers and your voice will be heard. 

We’re on the brink of something big. This space is expanding rapidly, and we’re in a prime position to not just ride that wave, but harness its energy for superlative performance. 

You'll work alongside the rest of the marketing team, along with product, growth, sales, and customer success. You'll have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully across the company. 

You can work from anywhere in the US. Especially now, this is a clutch benefit. 

Here's why this might not be a fit for you 

You'll be expected to get up to speed and produce results quickly. And you’ll have to bounce back and forth between strategic and tactical. 

We’re ego-free. You’re going to have to work well with others, be extremely self-aware, and have an openness to learning. That said, if you know you’re right or want to try something out, we expect you to push for it. 

The CEO is in Mexico City. The marketing head is in the US. And the marketing team is in India. We transcend borders and time zones. We do our best to keep everyone in balance with flexible schedules, but that’s just it -- flexibility is required. 

Every person on our team cares a lot about our mission. They'll care about the message you're putting out in the world. This means that you should be open to collaboration and feedback, but at the end of the day comfortable in making a call. 

You're accountable to results that closely drive revenue. 

While we have an idea of where we want to go and how we’re going to get there, the plan is extremely flexible. To succeed in this role, you must be comfortable with ambiguity. 

And if by now you’re nodding your head, wanting to take the next step... 

Great, go ahead and do so! You can find out where to apply at the end of this post, but please include a cover letter. Not a standard, run of the mill, not-at-all customized cover letter, but one that gives us a sense of how you think. To that end, please use your cover letter to share your take on the following questions: 

And we appreciate brevity. So please keep your cover letter to as few words as possible. 

You can apply here -

We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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