Mobile Developer (Flutter)

SimplePay is hiring a Flutter developer to expand our highly successful web product to mobile.

At SimplePay, we really care about the quality of the code we write, not just what users see in the end. That's because we were founded by, and continue to be managed by, a developer - a rare thing in the industry niche we're in. That is also why we have a very high standard when it comes to hiring.

You will need at least 2 years of mobile development experience, either native Android and iOS or cross-platform, as well as at least some Flutter experience, and also 5 years of general development experience.

You will also need back-end experience, as you'll be creating APIs. Bonus points for Ruby on Rails experience.

Most of our development team is remote (Europe, Asia and Africa), so you'll be part of a strong remote culture from day one. Check our Developer Blog or About Us page to learn more about us.

Please read the following application instructions carefully:

To help streamline things, we require applications to be in a particular format.

Attach your resume in PDF format.

Start your email with the following 2-line header:

Timezone: [your timezone here]

PR/Issue: [link to a specific open source contribution or issue you've logged (no matter how tiny or long ago), or "None" if you don't have any]

You can continue the rest of your message after the above headers.

Send your application to

Posted about 3 years ago