Full stack Rails developer (n): Superhero poised to change the world

You are a triple threat (at least!)skilled with Ruby on Rails, modern JavaScript (like React, Angular, Vue, or Svelte), and CSS.

We know that headhunters are already beating down your door. We want to earn our right to keep you every single day.

Hey, my name is Calvin, and I know how you feel.


Even though I am the founder of the successful online platform Simplero.com andmight I addIve been blessed with a wonderful staff of intelligent and kind people from all over the globe, things were not always like this.

I spent many a dark hour figuring out why being awkward in the company of other human beings made me become great at developing software.

Part of that is probably that being broken and alone is a good motivator for developing skills as a programmer.

But for many other things in life?

Not so much.

Anyway, today Im happy to report that I enjoy the best of both sides:

The light side of having mastered the art of focus and logical thinking.


Having great relationships and being able to build a strong organization with an incredible team and massive growth potential.

But alas.

A dark and evil power is upon us.

And this

...is where you enter the story.

You will be the Superman who is called upon to hammer the villains back into the abyss from whence they came.

Oops. I got carried away...I do that.

The truth is, we have an amazingand shockingly smallengineering team. Im eager to add a few exceptional people who can help in our fight against evil.

I mean that part by the way. Jokes and corny comic book metaphors aside...what were doing is important. Were out to change the world, and we need your help.

So what do you say..?

Do you want to play, or dont you?

Under this youll find the usual features and benefits, but dont let that keep you from raising your hand if you feel a connection after reading this.

Your friend in the good fight,

Calvin Correli

CEO and founder of Simplero

Whats in it for you:


What sets Simplero apart:

About Simplero

Simplero is a freedom machine: It lets our customers escape corporate America and create a living doing something that excites them, independent of time and place.

Simplero is a business machine: It runs our customers businesses so they can focus on transforming lives, on connecting with their own customers, and on their own spiritual journey.

Simpero is a transformation machine: The lives of our customers and their customers are forever transformed through building their business and living on Simplero. Each interaction with Simplero lifts their vibration.

Simplero is a well-oiled machine: The software and the company as a whole runs incredibly smoothly. We compete against much larger competitors by being incredibly effective and efficient.

Simplero was founded by and is led by Calvin Correli, whos a very talented developer himself. He has been programming since he was a kid, and has been on Rails since the very beginning.

Simplero is a Software as a Service platform for small business and solopreneurs. It allows customers to sell online courses in everything from business, marketing, and how to rent your house on AirBnB, to yoga and meditation and how to live a happy life.

We have an incredible, dedicated and brilliant team and roughly 2000 amazing customers with a collective reach of over 5 million people all over the world, and growing each week

Posted almost 3 years ago