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Are you someone who's excited as hell about all-things social media? Do you love when things are moving fast and there’s constant growth? Are you incredible to work with? If yes, then read on!
I’m Calvin Correli, and I’m looking for a world-class Social Media Manager to work directly with me and my outstanding marketing team. Together, we are building my personal brand as well as working on many other exciting projects. I’m a super creative individual, a spiritual teacher, someone who loves engaging with my audience to serve them, coach them, love them, kick them, shake them, wake them, inspire them, uplift them, make them laugh, and make them cry.
I need someone who sees the power and potential in my mess and my message, and knows how to build a massive audience, following, and community around that. Building my personal brand is my number one focus in 2020, so we’ll be working very closely together.
I founded Simplero, a software company that helps coaches, authors and speakers transform lives at scale through online courses and memberships. We’re an all-remote team of 25 passionate about service, personal growth, and simplicity. We have helped 2500 customers in 30 countries make over $150M in real money. We’re changing lives, we’re providing livelihoods, and we’re offering an insanely valuable service, especially in these times.

This is a full-time remote position, though being able to meet up with Calvin in-person in New York City (once this whole corona situation is over) is a plus.
You’re good at:

You’ll be responsible for everything related to my brand—strategy, content, marketing—alongside me.
We will be running the Garyvee content model. Document, don’t create. Put me in situations where I can respond. Record everything. Repurpose. Edit. Cut up. Publish lots of content. Experiment. Engage. Listen. Rinse & repeat.
I’m super creative. Lot of ideas. Lots of insight. Put me in the right context, and content flows. Your job is to point me in the right direction, capture the moment, and take it from there.
For pillar content, we’ll be doing a podcast where I interview other influencers, a Q&A show, mini-documentaries, getting me on other people’s podcasts, and—when the world opens back up— public speaking.
You will manage a small team of freelancers and other team members to help you execute on all this. But you’ll be very very hands-on to begin with. We’re running fast, smart, and lean. We’ll fire up the jets and build the plane mid-flight. This stuff isn’t rocket science. Momentum’s everything.
Responsibilities include at a high level:

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BenefitsWhy join us
Working with Calvin and Simplero will accelerate your career and give you the opportunity to work with world-class talent. We’re a team that loves what we do and thrive on our ability to make an impact. There are many benefits that come with working with us such as flexible work hours, coaching by our team coach, and lots of opportunity for training and skills development. After all, our business is about personal and spiritual growth!
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