Sales Development Representative - B2B SaaS
Sked Social

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Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

We are looking for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) for our growing team. You will be the first dedicated sales hire (working mostly alongside our customer success and marketing teams, along with our founder).

Sked Social lets brands from small businesses to global enterprises better plan, publish and analyse their social media content, particularly for Instagram. We've been in business for 6 years now, and we have ambitious goals for 2020 with some exciting new features in the pipeline and recently launched.You can see more about us on our website:

Your responsibilities

Most of our sales is self-service signup with "sales/customer success assisted" conversion, but you will ultimately be in charge of pipeline end-to-end, and we expect this to change over time as our product mix changes.

Your experience

This is a junior role, however we hope that you and the role will grow over time.

Experience working remotely is also highly desirable.


We are advertising this role at US$40,000 p.a. all inclusive on a full time contract basis. 

There is opportunity for this to have a structured commission component as well, however we would need to work out the KPIs associated after you have gotten everything rolling and we can identify the right compensation plan for the role.


Our founder is in Melbourne, Australia but much of our team is in the USA. Some overlap with Australia is needed but you can likely expect to mostly work US hours.To apply

Please apply only through our portal (linked from this job ad). 

Recruiters or other third parties do not need to contact us, and please don't send us unsolicited email followups etc – we'll get in touch with you :)

To apply:

Posted about 3 years ago