Front-End Developer (JS, Angular, TypeScript) Freelance & Full Remote Project

We are looking for a Front-End Developer (JS, Angular, TypeScript) to join our cross-disciplinary product team in one of our offices, or work remotely.

Company description:Our client is dedicated to transformation through user-centric innovation and primarily service design. Having led 250 innovation projects with key accounts in all business sectors, their goal is to industrialize design thinking by making the first platform that puts design thinking in the daily life of organizations wishing to embrace it. 

Responsibilities:What we’d like you to do as a Front-End Developer:

  • Partner with Product Owners, UX designers and back-end developers to iterate on the design and implementation of the product;

  • Participate in workshops, design briefs, and brainstorming sessions;

  • Build and shape the product backlog taking into account timing, technical debt creation, and development cost;

  • Build elegant and efficient front-end abstraction layers in a reusable component system;

  • Anticipate technical challenges, find and address performance issues;

  • Solicit and provide code reviews;

  • Formalize, communicate and help propagate best practices in the team.


  • Angular and AngularJS

  • Typescript


  • UX savviness

  • Firebase

  • Ionic

  • Node

  • Experience building real-time solutions

  • English speaker

Posted 10 months ago