Salesforce Developer SFDC Application Freelancing / Remote Job

Our client offers an application for B2B communication: Messaging, Automatic call-back, Chatbot, Visual SVI. Founded by 2 experts in this domain, the company is specialized in customer relationship.

It offers innovative solutions in order to improve the relationship between clients and companies. It simplifies the 1rst contact between companies and their clients by phone, by the digital channel and more recently by messaging.

Mission :

Users of our customer’s application sometimes use Salesforce. They wish that data of their discussions with their own clients goes into Salesforce (for example leads and opportunities). Our client needs to create an SFDC application (plugin Salesforce).

We are looking for a Salesforce Developer whose objective will be to :

  • Create the SFDC Application;

  • Put the Application on the Salesforce store;

  • It is a freelancers mission, which can be done on remote.

The ideal candidate: Salesforce Developer

Here are the required competencies for this job :

  • To have a former a Salesforce Application (SFDC);

  • Have a good knowledge APEX, as well as the workflow/process;

  • Have a good knowledge of the rules to put an application on the store (process/test/validation/certification by Salesforce).

In addition to that :

In parallel, we are looking for the person who will be able to create the specifications for your mission (on which your mission will be based). If ever you are able to write these specifications (good knowledge of a Salesforce Application structure, depending on the business needs), then to code the said application, then those 2 missions can be done by the same person.

Posted 12 months ago