Front End Developer (Wordpress!)

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

Hey all,We're an early stage growth team ( with an ecommerce-centric business model. We sell growth packages to digital businesses. Our services range from backlinks & search engine optimization, to done-for-you virality across Reddit.We deliver our orders through a homegrown dashboard that's built on top of Wordpress. 🚀 Customers love it because they don't need to chat with an account manager unless they want to. They can see the exact status and state of their order anytime within their dashboard.We've been growing fast. It turns out there's a lot of demand for growth packages.So, we’ve decided it’s time to take it to the next level. We're looking to hire our first Front End Dev. Maybe it’s you?------ But first, here’s what our company does ------Here's a typical flow of a user through our site for a reddit package. Take a brief look at this to understand what the dashboard and order process currently looks like...This video shows what placing a typical order (managed reddit) looks like. video shows what our dashboard for clients looks like Now, let’s talk about the role 👇------There's a lot of things we'd like to do with our dashboard.Here's the kinds of initiatives and projects you'll be working on...- Work with our UX designer to implement new landing pages, checkout views & flows within Wordpress. We need completely custom onboarding flows for our clients. Here's a mockup -> Implement feedback from our UX designer & CEO- Suggest new front-end initiatives and projects. Maybe we need to redesign our header/footer. Perhaps our about page needs redoing. Help us stay in front with our website.  - Improve our existing pages and create new ones independently, and with our UX designer.- Develop and extend Woocommerce functionality. We've got proprietary processes we need to implement that don't exist anywhere else.- Squash bugs across our platform, and be on the lookout for any strange functionality that we can simplify for our customers.------ So let’s talk about you ------The right candidate should have- A minimal background in digital marketing & SEO. Just enough to know what we're talking about- Good english 👍- Design/Aesthetic minded approach. We're design driven, and it's important that we're all on the same page :)Looking forward to reading your submissions!Please reach out to with 2 reasons you'd be a great fit, along with the web page you're most proud of creating. Note: we've allocated $50k /yr for this role. Thanks,Dimitry

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Posted almost 3 years ago