Business Analyst/Data Scientist Needed for Growing Solar Startup
Solar Lead Factory

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Headquarters: Oakland, California

“ power will be the single largest source of electricity generation… People do not understand the magnitude of the business. It’s really very, very significant.”

- Elon Musk
Once a fringe thing hippies did, “going solar” is now going mainstream. It took over 30 years for the first 1 million solar installations to be completed. It only took another 3 years to install the second million. Over the next 2 years another 1 million homes will “go solar” and there are 90 million American households to go after that! Solar technology is cheaper, better and more reliable than ever. Unless your head is buried in a coal mine, it’s becoming abundantly clear that solar is the future.
With rapid growth & mainstream adoption comes massive investment and opportunity in the space. Installation companies are growing quickly, making them hungry for even more growth, and solar continues to accelerate even in a post-COVID world. The last thing you want is the power going out during a quarantine and it’s also a product that saves people money, enhances family security, and can be sold over the phone. The technology is dialed, the installation process is clean, but it’s still a challenge to find customers. Since customers that convert into sales are the lifeblood of any company, sales leads are the raw tool that unleashes massive growth for solar installers.
Finding qualified customers: that’s what we do at SolarLeadFactory.

About Us:
SolarLeadFactory has helped nearly 1 million homeowners looking to buy solar. We have helped hundreds of solar installers grow their businesses - and aim to help hundreds more.
Don't be fooled by our name: we're more than just a 'lead-gen company'. Our business is built on a proprietary software platform allowing us to deliver a best in class product and innovate constantly. We have in-house developers, digital marketing experts, and scientists relentlessly driving the product forward.
Our mission: to unlock consumer demand for solar power.

About You:
You’re looking for a way to make a huge positive difference in the world & help the companies on the front lines of the solar revolution!
You want to be part of a small but driven team making a big impact on one of the most pressing issues of our time. You share some of our core values including “Making Learning the Key Metric”, “Holding Yourself Accountable”, “Always be Testing Something,” and “Master your Craft”.
Most importantly, you love working with data and applying your expertise to specific business problems.
We believe at some level every business becomes a data science problem, and as a marketplace with tens to hundreds of millions of data points we’ve got some big meaty problems to chew on.
In order to be successful in this position you must be skilled, highly organized, efficient, proactive, analytical, tech savvy, and an excellent communicator.
Do you want to learn? To grow? To make a difference?

Critical Skills:

Your Mission:
If you’re excited by ‘diving into the data’ and developing models that drive huge business action, this role is for you. Day to day could include everything from building predictive analytic models to managing the development of our increasingly complex marketplace algorithms.
You will be asked to help pull and prepare data sets as well as use these to answer one-off and ongoing questions about specific business cases (e.g. churn rate of a particular customer type).
You will help us sniff out where the 80/20 impact could be for effective action to grow the company, based on your analysis. And you will help us standardize our data and access to it using the best infrastructure and tools that we can put together.
You will be supported by and work with our entire team, including a small but extremely competent software engineering team, the founders/CEO, and anyone else on our team who gets directly into the data.

What you get out of this:
We are shaking up our industry and working day in and day out to get solar on everyone’s roof. Come shape your future & the future of the world.
If you’re game to make a big difference and reap the rewards, come join us!

To apply:

Posted about 3 years ago