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Headquarters: Durham

Remote applicants must be located in the continental US and have existing US work authorization. No applicants from CA, WA or NY.
Spreedly is a rapidly growing, payments technology firm, with headquarters located in downtown Durham, and we’re seeking a Senior Software Engineer to help with the next exciting phase of our growth.
Our list of "amazing functionality that customers will happily pay us for if we can just get it implemented..." is growing faster than we can check things off, and we need help from an experienced engineer that can hop into a high-functioning, experienced team and start learning and contributing quickly.
When you start at Spreedly (think first 6-12 months), you'll be spending 90%+ of your time working right on the product team building functionality for customers. Building product at Spreedly is a bit unique in that our main product is a payments API used by other developers. So while "designing a UI" may mean exactly what it sounds like (creating administrative and analytics tools), it often means thinking through how YOU would want a given API to work if you were using it. "Adding a feature for a customer" often means working through how to securely enable a developer to do something interesting with a credit card number. Super challenging and fun, we think! And since we work with credit card data on a daily basis, thinking about security is a way of life at Spreedly, as is building sustainable processes to keep that information safe (and our auditors happy).
What we're looking for in a senior engineer is somebody who's excited by jumping into pretty complex technical problems and making sense of them. We regularly deal with encryption, encoding, and security, all within the context of a distributed system. You don't have to be an expert in any of those aspects, but you should be really open to learning about them. Once you've gotten your feet under you and understand the domain well enough, we'd like you to mentor junior engineers and help them tackle the task at hand using pragmatic software practices. We're looking for people that are good at their job who are also are interested in elevating the people around them.
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This position is open to remote candidates, with the caveat that you must be located in the continental US and able to travel to North Carolina on a quarterly basis for all-hands weeks. Around 25% of our team is already remote, so we're comfortable with distributed teams. However, if you'll be joining us remotely, we'd like for you to also have had some experience working that way.
If you'll be joining us from the RDU area, you'll work out of our office in downtown Durham, NC two days a week, and wherever you choose the other three days a week.

We're constantly striving to have the fairest and most productive hiring process possible. We want to ensure that every candidate is treated equally and our interactions are designed with that goal in mind. If you want to get a sense for what your application process will look like, we'd encourage you to read the following: Stop Hazing Your Potential Hires and Programming Puzzles Are Not the Answer.
If this at all sounds interesting, we'd love to hear from you!
Spreedly is an equal opportunity employer that values a diverse culture as it’s an accurate reflection of the larger community and world in which we live. We actively work to drive out even unintentional discrimination in our hiring processes via practices like blindly graded work samples and structured interviews.
Due to the sensitive nature of what Spreedly does- handling payment data- candidates must complete a successful background check. If you have concerns along those lines, please discuss with us sooner rather than later- we do not want you to waste time in the hiring process and get disqualified at the end if we can help it.

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