Senior Software Engineer

Want to work remotely in the United States as a full time developer for a company that has been writing software for 35 years, but is also using the latest technologies? We are looking to add a remote C# back end web developer to a team currently rewriting our existing software products from scratch. You will work on the team which is responsible for developing the entire application stack. You will need to collaborate with other team members to solve problems and design systems that meet the specified requirements.

This application is being written using C# based services that rely on NoSQL databases such as HBase and an AngularJS/React front end for users. Currently, most services are written in C#, but there are also services written in Python and NodeJS. The application is being developed incrementally using an agile process, which allows us to provide new features to our existing customers. We are already storing billions of sales transactions that our customers can then analyze for trends and suspicious cashier behavior!

The existing legacy application being upgraded is used by thousands of users simultaneously and helps them better manage the daily operations of their gas stations and convenience stores. Our application helps customers with things like inventory management, bookkeeping, transaction monitoring, and interfaces with our customers’ existing Point-of-Sale systems. The rewritten multi-tenant application will continue handling these operations by running in a scalable, distributed online environment.

The Software Application Developer’s responsibilities will range from designing and developing software functionality, to writing automated tests, to debugging and maintaining applications with other members of the team. General duties will include:

  • Working with a team that includes front end developers, back end developers, QA and documentation
  • Working remotely using various collaborative platforms to communicate with other team members
  • Helping to design and implement a high quality software architecture
  • Designing and implementing new REST/JSON based APIs for services
  • Designing schemas for data persistence
  • Writing automated tests for your code
  • Working with QA to find and fix problems and performance issues

Skills & Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or professional experience
  • Experience writing scalable RESTful C# services
  • Javascript and React experience is a plus
  • Passionate about software development and learning
  • Self motivated
  • Good communication skills

Posted about 1 year ago