Data Analyst

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Headquarters: Topeka, KS

Seeking detailed and self-motivated individual to serve the role of Data Analyst. This role supports the Customer Service department, completing conversions of data from a legacy system to the company’s software products, troubleshooting data issues, creating queries requested by customers, or making database modifications via query.  The role will need to learn all of the ins and outs of the Suntell software to properly analyze data and how it will be used by customers. 
Our customers love us for our great support, delivered by our Customer Service team: prompt and smart human beings, empathetic problem-solvers, and patient trouble-shooters. The Data Analyst is expected to be the same.  Because we’re small, our Customer Service team has to wear a lot of hats, which will apply to the Data Analyst as well. We like employees to have a lot of personality and contribute, but also work well with our existing team.  Our employees have a lot of autonomy over their work, but with autonomy comes responsibility over the results produced.  We operate in a Results Only Work Environment (it is highly recommended that you read more here before applying so that you understand our work culture).  

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Posted over 3 years ago