Quality Assurance/Business Analyst

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Headquarters: Topeka, KS
URL: http://www.suntell.com

Seeking detailed and self-motivated individual to serve the role of Quality Assurance/Business Analyst.  This role is part of the Development Department, responsible for the development of new products, new features within existing products, and maintenance of existing products.  The role will review, analyze, and evaluate company and user needs.  The role will need to understand the defined scope, goals, and objectives; document requirements; and make recommendations.  Assigned projects must be completed on time and undergo thorough testing prior to release. 
The Analyst must balance user efficiency, user friendliness, quality, and time.  The analyst will work with a small team of developers to ensure that the approved design is properly implemented.  The Analyst must then exercise thorough software testing to ensure it achieves desired results by using common sense and seldom used workflows to demonstrate that it functions successfully however used.  
Our employees have a lot of autonomy over their work, but with autonomy comes responsibility over the results produced.  We operate in a Results Only Work Environment (it is highly recommended that you read more here before applying so that you understand our work culture). 

Key Responsibilities include: 

  • Analyze, translate, and outline business requirements on assigned projects and/or reported problems 

  • Understand the data, context, and work process for the reported problem or new feature request

  • Translate customer needs into new/modified product features and find the appropriate solution 

  • Monitor progress of projects, manage own deadlines, report roadblocks, and facilitate “getting the job done” to help the developer and/or management 

  • Assists the Customer Service department by answering questions related to deep product functionality or database knowledge 

  • Maintain detailed documentation regarding business requirements and scope that can be used both as a roadmap for a developer and internal understanding of a project’s needs.  

  • Communicate business needs or issues both verbally, with written words, or pictures – whatever it takes to understand the end goal either one-on-one or within a group setting 

  • Recognize and address multiple scenarios, data nuances, short- and long- range goals, resource limitations within the context of a project 


Qualifications Sought: 

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience with proven business analysis skills on difficult projects 

  • SQL database and query skills and an understanding of relational database 

  • Exemplary organizational, time management and follow-up skills.  You will juggle many projects with varying deadlines and need to know how to prioritize and deliver, and you are responsible for your workload.  If you struggle to keep your work organized, this is not the right job for you. 

  • Understanding of IT project life cycle 

  • Ability to understand, solve problems, and ask the right questions 

  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills 

  • Strong in both Excel and Word 

  • Prior remote experience is preferred.  You must have the ability to work both independently and within a remote team environment.

  • Commercial and/or agricultural lending/banking knowledge is a plus 

  • Access to reliable high-speed internet is critical.  

To apply: https://airtable.com/shrVxSpczmHDj4AJE

Posted about 1 year ago