REMOTE Sr. Architect- Golang, React, nginx, Python, AWS REQUIRED

Surge Forward is hiring long term REMOTE consultants to commit to 40 hours a week M-F during day time hours for a long term contract. No part time options and No W2.


For Tech Stack and Data-Pipeline and Data Storage Audit* Extensive experience with scoping and designing architecture for SaaS platforms based onspecific, although potentially very different use cases.* Experience in emerging solutions as well, such as Snowflake, is a plus, since we may be in a position to re-architect the platform if it makes the most sense.* Experience with the current technologies and applications used in our environment:o Nginx, React, GoLang, Python, Ruby, ELK, PostgresSQL, Kafka, Redis, K8S andAWS.

-Troubleshooting experience with data-pipelines and AWS Native Kafka(MSK) along withinstrumentation would be ideal

1. Platform Review (Summary)a. Data-Pipeline and DB architecture review and/or optimization based on currentuse cases. Can we tweak what we have or should we make some significantchanges to our architecture.i. SaaS / Commercial - MSP, automated security monitoring1. Threat Based Scoring2. Future: Behavioral Detections3. Future: Advanced analytics4. Future: Expansion of supported product/log types5. UI/API/Reporting Enhancementsii. D3OC DB - insights - longer term1. Anonymizing capability - Dark3 Proprietary2. API Buildout?2. Platform Review (Detailed)a. Review of Kafka Pipeline configuration and implementationi. Configurationii. Designiii. Performanceiv. Instrumentation / Monitoring / Alertingb. Review of PostgreSQL databasei. Configurationii. Designiii. Performanceiv. Instrumentation / Monitoring / Alertingc. Review of Elasticsearch Clusteri. Configurationii. Designiii. Performanceiv. Instrumentation / Monitoring / Alertingd. Review of Catcher Code & Functionalityi. Is it the right approach?ii. Are there better ways to accomplish thisiii. Scalingiv. Handling Edge Cases / Errorse. Review of Scoring / Data Collection approachi. Current approach vs. centralized approachii. E.g. all data for IPs and domains in one table that all customers refer to(whois, scoring, extra details)

Sorry, No Visa Sponsorship.

For immediate consideration, email resume that includes tech stack under each job, cell phone number and start date:

Posted about 1 year ago