Linux Solutions Developer (C / C++ / Python / Go / Linux / Clusters)

Job Description

Our team develops solutions for High Availability as well as SLES for SAP Applications, a customized version of the SLES operating system designed for running SAP applications in cluster environments.We are looking for a flexible and open-minded developer to join our team, working on the core components of our stack. Our clustering technology involves cluster membership and communication, resource management, fencing, cluster-aware storage, user interfaces as well as complex applications like databases, applications servers and much more, so we need people who are willing to learn and move around between projects and languages. We work entirely with free and open-source software in upstream projects, so experience contributing to such development would be valuable, and the software we develop is used in mission-critical applications so a focus on testing, test automation and software quality is also important.

Below you can find some of the project we contribute to:    Here is a brief list of technologies and tools we work with:              C, C++, Python, Pacemaker, Corosync, SBD, Bash, Go, Salt, Terraform, and others.    It's a long list! If you know all of them that is amazing. None of us do! But together as a team, we cover all of these things and more. So if you know one or two of these and are interested in learning more, or if you really want to dive deep into one particular piece of technology, our team might be right for you.    What we expect from you:      We expect that you know how to code and love to do it as part of a team developing great solutions for our customers, that means, code reviews, unit testing and other techniques to maintain the high quality of our deliverables will be part of your daily routine.We expect that you know C or C++ and some scripting languages like Bash or Python, and have experience in developing solutions based on the Linux operating system.We also expect you to be self-motivated and eager to learn and experiment with new things by your own, but also in collaboration with your and other teams, and in the end to get the things done. We present our work to gather feedback and learn from the many nice people we have here at SUSE, and we expect you to do the same.We also expect that you have experience with complex solutions that demands architecture discussions and release coordination, inside and outside of our team.As in an international team, you will need to communicate in English.Last, and most important: We expect you to have fun while providing great solutions for our customers.      What would be nice to have:          If you know what is a cluster and its main concepts, this is awesome. We work with clusters, so familiarity with high-availability, especially in some of our core components like Pacemaker and Corosync, is a big plus.It would be great if you have experience with Cloud Providers like Azure, AWS and GCP and know the challenges to deploy Enterprise High Available solutions there, like SAP, Oracle, or any other mission-critical applications.  Also, if you have experience with Agile and Devops methodologies or understand this culture and values, this can make this position right for you. 

Don't worry if you don't have any of these experiences, you can still show us your potential and motivation to learn about them!

        We Offer: Direct contact with representatives of free and open-source software projects worldwide. Regular "Hackweeks" and workshops on the company, department, and team levels.Opportunities to take part in IT and open-source conferences all over the world, both as an attendee or a presenter.Five weeks vacation. (*)Contributions to pension insurance or capital life insurance. (*)Other common employee benefits (food coupons, health checkups and cultural activities). (*)Free beverages and fresh fruits. (*)

Location:Any SUSE office (or home office) worldwide, having Nuremberg in Germany as a preferred office location.

(*) Reference for the example benefits is the office in Germany. They may vary across hiring locations.

Posted about 1 year ago