DevOps Admin
Talking Points Memo

Headquarters: New York, NYC

Job Responsibilities

Work alongside a team of talented and hardworking journalists and publishers, developing our in-house publishing and subscription management systems. Help improve the experience of the tens of thousands of paying subscribers who turn to us daily for our expert coverage and analysis. Manage processes and systems related to the development and maintenance of the digital infrastructure relied on by our editorial, publishing and development teams. Responsible for understanding the current and future needs of our network, application and storage resources to meet the changing operational demands of a profitable and growing new media news organization. Advance a culture of quality and excellence with a focus on modern and automated processes to notify and deal with potential issues before service interruptions occur. The ability to research and learn on the job is essential. 

  •  Develop internal tools and services to maximize uptime of production systems and data stores, with particular attention towards automated detection and notification of potential issues.

  •  Build dashboards and other information-discovery services for network and system level visualizations to aid in live troubleshooting of interruptions or anomalous behavior

  • Integrate application exceptions and performance metrics to improve the forensic resources available to application and front end developers

  •  Maintain and update automation scrips (Ansible, Vagrant, bash) for development and deployment

  •  Strengthen the security of networks, applications and developer operations

  •  Assist in the recovery of site outages or interruptions, providing support and contextualization to editorial and publishing staff as needed


  •  Bachelor’s degree in Information Science, Information Management, similar STEM degree, or equivalent practical experience

  •  Solid understanding of the IP/TCP/HTTP network, transfer and application protocols

  •  A collaborative, team-oriented attitude towards problem solving

  • Experience with deployment automation tools such as Ansible (preferred), Chef or Puppet

  • Familiarity with Debian/Ubuntu-based server environments

  •  Experience with nginx/OpenResty or the Lua programming language is helpful

  •  Keen to be part of a small but passionate team that want’s nothing to do with the capitalist death march. We get the job done. Then we enjoy our lives.

We look forward to your application.

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