Back-End Software Engineer

About the Role

HEROFi is growing quickly and is currently seeking a Back-End Software Engineer (Node.js) to help extend and enhance our internal and customer-facing APIs and back-end processes. This position is back-end only and we have a varied technology set and problem space. One day you could be working on getting information into our data lake and our data warehouse, the next adding data to our data pipeline, or the next migrating to a Graph API. While this position is for back-end, we have both front-end and true-full stack positions as well.

What Youll Do:

  • Contribute to all aspects of the services and applications under the teams ownership, which includes design, implementation, unit testing, refactoring, deployment, uptime, and performance of the services.
  • Improve internal team processes by keeping what's working, throwing away what's not.
  • Collaborate on the vision of the services and applications under the team's ownership.
  • Understand system authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments.
  • Build technology the right way; for us, this means simple, well-tested services and tools that gradually grow over time, and that provide plenty of insight into production usage and performance.
  • Help other team members grow as engineers through code review, pairing, and mentoring.
  • Create unit and acceptance tests, in collaboration with the Quality Assurance team.


TARGETABLE employs a vibrant team of diverse and talented individuals who have a passion for bringing innovation to the retail & hospitality industries. In addition to offering competitive salaries and benefits, our employees enjoy working with cutting edge technology in a flexible work environment where results are recognized and rewarded. Benefits include:

  • 100% paid medical
  • Unlimited PTO


Remote (US CT and PST Preferred)

Posted about 1 year ago