Experienced Drupal Developer

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN
URL: https://ten7.com/

We’re growing our team and are searching for our next United States-based colleague, a contractor who can work at least 10 hours/week to start. We intend for this to develop into a full-time role.We're looking for the right human to join us, whether mid or late in a career, west coast, east coast or somewhere in-between.

Your dutiesThese will be your duties to start, and we’ll work together on a monthly basis to make sure they continue to be challenging and rewarding:
Qualities we're looking for

Bonus points forYou don't need to have experience in any of these to apply... but if you do in one or a few, tell us about it!

We use the command line, PHP, Git (especially Git Flow), Docker, Composer, Drush, MySQL, MariaDB, Bootstrap, JIRA, Slack, Zoom, Google Docs and we hope you'll join us in using them too. And if you've never grep'd a log file, or finished a feature branch, we hope you'll want to learn how.

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/ten7-experienced-drupal-developer

Posted about 2 years ago